Write for Jen Magazine

Write for Jen Magazine

  • Are you a good writer?
  • Are you interested in writing about modest fashion or other subjects of interest to JenMagazine readers?
  • Are you interested in making some extra money?

If you answered yes to these questions we may be looking for you! We are looking for good original articles and are willing to pay for them. JenMagazine pays $0.05 per word for articles, poetry, reviews, etc. that we choose to publish. To give you an idea, that would be $25 for a 500 word article.

To submit an article contact us through our Contact Jen page. You may also submit an article idea to see if we would be interested in it before you write it, or contact us with any other questions you may have.

Here are some things we're specifically looking for right now:

  • Fashion articles (with or without pictures – we will pay $5 per picture we use).
  • Videos (pay scale for videos to be determined).
  • Articles for the Singles section about being single, dating, etc.
  • Reviews of LDS or Christian music.
  • Articles about choosing good media (with young tastes in mind).
  • Articles about shopping with tips on how and where to find modest clothes (with young tastes in mind).
  • Articles about why modesty is important while presenting it in a fresh way and keeping away from cliches often heard in church.
  • Beauty articles.
  • Health or Fitness articles.
  • Wedding articles. 

Please note that we are willing to publish but will not pay for press releases or articles that we feel are written for promotional purposes.

We are not interested in works that have previously been published online.

Here are some writers' guidelines:

JenMagazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine specifically for LDS teen and young adult women. Women of many other faiths also read the magazine. It was conceived as an alternative to the worldly and sometimes sleazy magazines that are popular among young women.

Articles and stories in JenMagazine should be similar to the types found in the popular young women's magazines except that they will be positive, clean, spiritual at times, coming from an LDS point of view and upholding LDS standards. Unless a story or article is unusually age-specific, it should read as if the writer is speaking to an 18-year old.

The style of JenMagazine is young, fresh, eclectic, modern and sometimes edgy and blunt. We always strive to teach truth, but we get our messages through by presenting them in new ways. We try to avoid using terms and phrases that are gospel cliches and therefore tend to be ignored. JenMagazine articles should have a casual tone and should seem to be coming from an older friend instead of a parent.


  • Publishing Rights: By submitting an article, you are giving JenMagazine permission to publish your article in any of its publications (e-mail newsletter, printed materials or magazine, and online magazine) and to claim a copyright on the specific publication (not the work itself). JenMagazine does not require you to relinquish your own copyright privileges for any given period of time.
  • Article Length: Word count will be obtained with the Microsoft Word word count feature for the article as published. The article title and author byline are not included when determining article length.
  • Editing: JenMagazine may edit any article submitted as it sees fit as long as the nature of the article is not lost, including the author byline (normally this would only be to edit for length if it is determined to be too long).
  • Publishing Fees: Currently, a fee of 5 cents per word will be paid to any author at the time any submitted article is published in JenMagazine. The author will receive a fee based only the article as published, which may contain fewer words than the article as submitted (see the editing section). Authors are not employees of JenMagazine, and are responsible for paying any taxes owed as a result of their income. Any articles which have been submitted previously to organizations which collect and offer content to publishers for free may be submitted for publication but are not eligible for reimbursement. We are willing to publish but will not pay for press releases or other articles that we feel are written for promotional purposes.
  • Author Byline: The author's name will be noted at the article headline and any byline will be included at the end of the published article. Authors may submit bylines which include a short statement about themselves, their credentials and where they live. The byline of a for-pay article may not promote a product, service, for-profit website or other business. Authors may forgo payment for an article to include a promotional byline instead.
  • Article Title: You may suggest a title for your article. JenMagazine, however, reserves the right to establish the article title.
  • Originality: By submitting your article for publication, you are confirming that you are the original author and that you can claim all copyright privileges on your material.

JenMagazine reserves the right to revise these guidelines without notice as needed. Please check this page for any changes prior to submitting an article.

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Norris null Limbani September 13, 2011 at 3:21 pm

What is the method of payment?


Jen September 13, 2011 at 3:40 pm

If we publish your article, we pay via check or paypal. You tell us your preference.


Clare Ruff November 7, 2011 at 11:00 pm

I just left a lengthy comment on the article that appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune about Jen Modest fashions.  I share the conviction that fashion is part of woman's expression of herself and that there is room for looking good even in the world of women of faith.    We don't have to look dawdy to be faith-filled women, or to please God.    However, my passion for dressing more modestly stems equally from a sense of good style.  FEW women can pull off the revealing styles of modern fashion.   They are not flattering, feminine; they don't make us look beautiful!   
I am a mother of five, with two daughters ages 15 and 12.   I would love to do an article highlighting what they pull together for modest but fashion forward fare.   My oldest daughter has been a trend setter at her private school with a dress code.  None of the girls wore dresses or skirts but after she and I made a handful of classy looking skirts and she started wearing them to school, so many girls started following!  My daughter was a little surprised at her influence, but couldn't deny the connection.   
Anyway, whether you would have interest or not, I'm glad to know that you are using your talents and time to influence many yourself.    Good luck with your endeavors!


Alyssa February 12, 2012 at 8:36 pm

How old do you have to be? I'm 12 and It would  be great for our younger readers 🙂


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