Actor Profile: Matt Damon

by Jen

Born in 1970, Matt Damon has been a guy with a goal. Along with his good friend Ben Affleck, the goal was to do exactly what he’s doing now. Acting. But, Damon’s story is one that might just be one of the more inspiring to come out of Hollywood. He wound up going from obscure actor to overnight sensation with one single movie. Did I mention the movie won him an Academy Award? The movie was ‘Good Will Hunting’ and it began as a writing project while Damon was attending Harvard University. There was also another reason for it though. Both Damon and Affleck wanted to make a movie they could really embrace. Not being able to find one, they did it themselves. Their hard work, and sharp eye into life for young men in their age group was recognized by the Academy and both of them finally got their chances. To say their careers have taken different paths would be putting it mildly however. Affleck has been plagued by his relationship with actress/singer Jennifer Lopez. Damon, however, has really had no major scandal to speak of. You see him on TV at baseball games, and at premieres for either his films or those of friends…but not a lot else. Add to that an impressive list of movies, and you wind up with a guy who isn’t really sitting back on his laurels.

This year, Matt Damon has shown up twice with two movies I’ve strongly recommended. ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ and ‘Ocean’s 12’ are films that allow him to really be a star. He’s tried more obscure films, but he seems almost stuck. Put him in a role where he can absolutely jump in with both feet, and he seems happy. There are thespians in Hollywood of course. Matt Damon just isn’t one of them. Honestly, I’m pretty glad of that myself. There’s not a thing wrong with a guy with a killer grin, and killer talent being given all the fun scripts. Isn’t that what Hollywood legends are made from?

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri
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