After-Prom Fun

by Jen

By Jennifer Loch

The question of what to do on prom night after you leave the prom is one you have to think about if you’re LDS or another conservative religion. After all, prom-night has always been notorious for some bad things, and parties being thrown may not be the kind you want to go to.

Planning ahead can make a big difference in the after-prom fun level. Here are some ideas:

If your prom doesn’t serve food, you’ll probably want to go to dinner. Decide on a place with your date or group. Unless it’s fast-food you should make reservations ahead of time because prom night will be busy for most restaurants, and there may be other schools with the same prom night as well. If you have an upscale (read: expensive) place in mind, mention to your date that you would like to go there, and that you can go dutch. That way he won’t feel pushed into spending more than his budget allows. Since you’re already dressed up, it’s fun to go to a fancy restaurant even if you only order an appetizer or dessert.

An Activity
Some popular activities for after prom are going to a comedy club, playing miniature golf, playing pool, going to a movie, bowling, playing video games, or just going to the mall to parade around like a celebrity.

An After-Party
A prom after-party is a fun and inexpensive way to hang out with your date or group after prom. If you talk to your parents or the parents of a friend who shares your values and tell them you want to stay away from the usual after-prom activities they’ll probably be happy to let you use their home for a small after-party. Do you know any parents’ homes with a large-screen TV, with a game room or pool table or with a hot-tub? When you find a home, arrange to have private use of the family-room for the night, meaning the parents will be home but they won’t compete with you for use of the TV and they’ll keep any younger children from bothering you and your date or group. Make sure the parents know the party might run very late, and they agree to stay awake the whole time.

Rent some movies and have snacks and soda on hand. Serve soda or Sprite mixed with juice in champagne or wine glasses to keep with the glamorous theme of the night. You can also serve ice cream in parfait glasses.

Have several party games ready. One thing that’s fun to do at an after prom party is candy-betting. Buy a big bag of small individually-wrapped candies (make sure to get candy people like). Give everyone the same amount of candy and play some games where people might normally bet money. The players can bet their candy and eat their winnings.

Here’s another game: while at the prom, make note of each song that is played. Then at your after-party see who can remember the most songs. This is a fun way to remember and re-live the prom.

Up All Night
Some people make it a point to stay up all night on prom night, but it’s not necessary. Don’t force yourself to stay up if you don’t want to. You’ll probably be wearing a lot of makeup and you may sweat when you dance so you’ll want time to freshen up for the next day.

Prom Sunday
It’s common for people to wear their prom attire to church on the Sunday after prom. It makes the fun of prom last; you get to show your pretty dress and feel glamorous one more time. Guys usually rent a tux and it isn’t due back until Monday so they can get their money’s worth by wearing it one more time. Hopefully you chose a dress that you can feel comfortable wearing to church! If you have a corsage, take it off after prom and put it in the fridge so it will be fresh enough to wear to church. If your date goes to church with you it will be even more fun.

Whether you use these ideas or come up with your own, the fun doesn’t have to end when you leave the prom. With a little planning and creativity, you might have more fun after prom than you did at the main event!

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Anonymous March 23, 2007 at 12:28 pm

The suggestion to wear your prom dress the next day at church: When our Bishop was asked about this, he explained to the girls that it could take away from the reverence of the meeting. If the boys want to wear their tux’s to church, they are excused from performing sacrament responsbilities as it draws too much attention to them and away from the ordinance being performed.


Anonymous April 22, 2007 at 2:58 pm

You only wear your prom dress once or twice.. I’d definately take the oppurtunity to wear it to church. It can also be a good example to younger girls of how being modest is really important.


Anonymous March 7, 2008 at 9:39 pm

I believe it is very inappropriate to wear your prom or homecoming dress to church. Some girls do not ever have the opportunity to go and so it makes them feel inferior to see all the other girls wearing and flaunting their “costly apparel”. I never actually wore my dresses to church, and I still lived. 🙂 Make your dress special, only wear it for the occasion, not to show off.


Anonymous March 13, 2008 at 3:02 pm

I dont wear my prom dress the sunday after to show off.. I wear it because yeah, those dresses are expensive.. and its just fun to wear somethign besides the clothes you wear every time. Its a rememberance of the night, and it only happens once a year. You’ll live =).

I dont see what would be so wrong with it, its just having fun.


Anonymous April 5, 2008 at 10:47 am

when our group come to church the next day we always sit as far back as possible to limit distracting the people behind us. usually one of the leaders will ask us to come and talk to the younger girls about the prom and explain the difference about our modest dresses compared to some of the other ones we see at prom. the boys usually end up talking to the younger boys and encouraging them to go to prom with dates who will dress modestly. it’s a good experience for us and we get to set an example for the younger kids in the ward.


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