by Jen

-Directed by: Ron Clements, Jon Musker

-Scott Weinger, Linda Larkin, Robin Williams

Animation is a funny thing. If you’re not careful, a movie can seem babyish and just silly. Or, it can be adult and crass. These days, you see a lot of both which is disappointing and frustrating for movie-goers. Thankfully though, we have classics like this one to fall back on. It’s a smart, snappy good time with catchy songs, beautifully drawn animation and some guy named Robin Williams. After a long career doing things his family couldn’t enjoy, Williams made a concious choice to do something family friendly. Let’s just thank our lucky stars he did, shall we?

Aladdin is one of the best in the Disney feature film library because it goes outside the lines. There is a sweet story about a boy who falls for a girl so far outside his world that your heart aches for him. There’s also plenty of action along with some fantastic songs that yes, you will sing for at least an hour afterwards. But what makes it really special is Williams. With his irreverant comic timing on full display, you will rarely not laugh at his work as the Genie. What you might not know though is a lot of what wound up in the movie was pure improv. He did so MUCH improv that the recording sessions finally ended with over sixteen hours of material. But that’s what makes Aladdin so much fun. You get caught up in the energy of the plot, the music and the comedy and you have an easy time of it while you watch.

Since this is Disney, and it earned a solid G rating, it probably isn’t a surprise that there’s no profanity or anything even close to a sexual scene. Nice to see that some things can still be both entertaining, and just all around good to enjoy overall.

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri
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