Are You Overloaded?

by Jen

I think of my body kind of like my computer: I have a pretty suped-up computer that can handle a lot of stuff. But if I have a bunch of huge programs running and lots of stuff going on, it starts to slow down. After overworking the computer for a while, it may start to have errors or even crash (it’s Windows, lol). Our bodies are kind of like that. They’re always doing lots of things at once just to keep us alive. It’s a lot of work! If our bodies have to do the additional tasks of filtering pollutants from dirty air we breathe, digesting junk foods and toxic food additives, handling medications or dealing with chemical ingredients from our skin products, the body starts to become overloaded. On top of this, most of us are expecting our bodies to handle this extra stress without adequate sleep, water, and nutrients!

The body will deal with being overworked, but it only has a certain amount of energy. So if your body is already doing all the normal stuff plus fighting a virus and trying to deal with some junk food you ate and then you add some toxins from something else, it will have to take some energy away from fighting the virus and digesting the junk food to deal with the new toxins. Going back to the computer ananlogy, it’s like opening yet another program or a new browser window; the programs already running will run slower. Maybe the energy taken away from fighting the virus is just enough to let the virus “win” and you get sick. Or the stomach doesn’t get the energy it needs to properly and quickly digest your food. A lot of times the cause and effect seem totally unrelated. That’s why most people don’t care what they eat or drink, what they put on their skin or inhale in the air, etc. They don’t realize that it is all related. Weight gain, acne, skin problems such as dandruff, excema or psoriasis, illness, allergies and other things can be caused by something that seems unrelated.

I used to have the worst spring pollen allergies. I would be sneezing ten times in a row and clawing my eyes out because they itched so bad. When I started to learn about natural health, I stopped eating toxic foods and started eating natural foods and fruits and veggies and I started using natural skin care products and shampoos and stuff. The next spring, I had no allergies! And I still don’t have allergies. It’s not because the pollen is gone, it’s because my body is able to deal with the pollen when it’s not having to deal with all of this other junk.

So let’s say you’re having some type of health problem. You might not know what’s causing the problem, but you can’t lose by trying to eliminate the things that you know are bad for you: bad foods and drinks, exposure to chemicals, etc. Even if this doesn’t get to the root of the problem, it will free up your body’s energy to deal with whatever is causing the problem. You can’t lose! -Jen

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Lisa May 11, 2005 at 4:05 pm

Thanks for this article Jen! I read it about a week ago and have been really thinking about it and it makes so much sense! I’m trying to cut back on the fats and sugars I’m eating and looking in to switching my facial cleansers and makeup to more natural products.


Debra October 3, 2005 at 9:40 am

Great article, Jen! I never thought about those connections to my allergies or how it affects my body as a whole. I switched to natural hair products, and my hair is so much healthier. Do you know of any good lines of skin products? I’m hoping going natural will take care of some of this acne! -debra (


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