Behold the Cry

by Jen

By: K. A. Saundra

A journey of the world has started,
The climbing of a rocky way.
Some may slip and fall to their knees,
But from there they start to pray.

                “Oh Lord. Please help me.
                I’ve stumbled and wandered astray.
                Please lift and hold and guide me
                Along a more excellent way.”

Behold the cry of one such girl
Who fell and lost her way.
She longed for the path she did not choose
For she chose the other way.

She dropped to her knees and clung to the mount
(Where in spirit she’d hung for days)
She held to the cliff with no ledge in sight
As she knelt by her bed to pray.

                “Oh Lord! Please help me!
                I’ve stumbled and wandered astray.
                Please lift and hold and guide me
                Along a more excellent way.”

Spying a hold a few feet up,
She stretched and grappled to reach;
But as she touched the cold hard stone
She slipped from tide of speech.

Arms from below strained to touch,
To grab and hold her down.
She could not move from grips so strong
So she cried an unearthly sound.

                “Oh Lord! Please help me!
                I’ve stumbled and wandered astray!
                Please lift and hold and guide me
                Along a more excellent way!

                “Lord, help in the task that I’ve been set,
                Please release me from their hold.
                My soul yearns to dwell in heaven
                While they drag me down below.

                “Lord, where are you?
                Why are you not here?
                I cannot hold much longer,
                And your presence is not near.”

An arm from heaven extended;
She slipped but grabbed the hand.
He pulled her up to be with him,
And she began to understand.

                “Oh Lord! I love you!
                You reached for me and showed the way.
                You guided me, the injured lamb,
                To this more excellent way!”

“My Child,” said the voice around her,
“Did you doubt that I would hear?
The cries of my children pierce my heart
When you cry, I’ll drive away your fears.”

Kyra Ashcraft lives in Southern Florida where she dreams of becoming a writer. She is currently in the process of writing three different novels, all of which will be published under the pen name K. A. Saundra.

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Anonymous December 3, 2005 at 7:04 pm

very touching and realistic.


Anonymous December 14, 2005 at 12:37 pm

Beautiful poem! This is a wonderful reminder that our Heavenly Father is there for us in the good times as well as bad.


Anonymous December 31, 2005 at 5:04 pm

wow! this is so beautiful! it brought tears…keep writing! 🙂


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