Duggar wedding partyIf you've got a heartbeat and a smartphone, you've probably heard that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, of TLC's 19 Kids & Counting, tied the knot on November 1st! Jessa made headlines with some of her unique choices for the wedding, including an ice cream sundae bar instead of the traditional cake, and her own stunning-yet-modest wedding gown. We were particularly thrilled with her choice of modest bridesmaid dresses…the Ellie dress in Coral from our very own JenClothing


Jessa's eleven bridesmaids ALL looked stunning in this simple, darling dress. The coral color is bright and cheery, and the super-soft jersey knit fabric is oh-so-comfortable! Jessa's sister Jill even rocked the Ellie with her baby bump!

We love this new trend of choosing simple dresses with fun, flirty details for your bridesmaids to wear for the wedding! Then instead of being banished to the back of a closet with a host of other puffy, over-the-top gowns, your girlfriends get to wear their bridesmaid dress from YOUR big day over & over again. These kinds of dresses work great for a day of shopping, attending church or even a night out on the town! Check out the great selection of modest bridesmaid dresses available now at


We want to wish Jessa and Ben the very best as they embark on the adventure known as married life. And we applaud Jessa for her strong faith and her commitment to modesty not only for herself, but her entire bridal party! She is proof that modest IS fashionable and beautiful, and can even be done on a budget.

duggar wedding 2To see all the photos from Jessa & Ben's big day, head on over to and click through the album of exclusive shots! Leave us a comment to let us know what you think about the new trends in bridesmaid dresses too.


By Aimee Peterson

Aimee Blog PhotoWhen I was a child, my siblings and I had a terrible case of chicken pox. Besides two weeks of misery as the virus worked its way through all five of us, the disease left me scarred with pock marks. The largest of these scars is located about 2 inches below my collarbone. When I realized the scar was there, I became incredibly self-conscious. Even at the tender age of six I did not want people to see my scar or ask about it. I saw it as a flaw I did not want others to realize I had.
I was an athletic teen and enjoyed a variety of school and competition sports. However, the prospect of buying a swimsuit and joining my friends at the beach or pool left me in tears. It was a challenge to find a swimsuit that had a high neckline that would cover my scar. My mother finally found a swimsuit that fit my needs at an older women's clothing store. It was a hideous one-piece, blue geometric-patterned suit, but I wore that thing for two years because it covered my scar. There was nothing else suitable in the junior's departments of my local mall.
As time passed, I began to see things that I did not recognize in the days of my youth. The first and most important was that my scar did not define me. It did not make me ugly, as I had {wrongly} assumed. My family and many of my friends knew about my scar, and they still loved me and saw me as beautiful. The second thing I learned was that I did not need to dress immodestly to make friends, do well in school and sports, or to get asked out on dates. I had jokingly called my scar my "modesty modifier," since I may not have chosen to dress as modestly if I didn't have it. Dressing modestly gave me confidence and continues to do so today. I believe this is because I learned to respect my body by not showing it off as an object. By keeping myself covered, I respect my body for the incomparable gift that it is. At this point in my life, I am glad I had this experience so I can help other girls find confidence in themselves through modesty. 
Aimee & NicoleI wish that companies like Jen Clothing had been around when I was a teen! I so appreciate companies who make high quality, fashionable, MODEST clothing readily available. I know I do not have to purchase clothing items made for another generation anymore. I can dress well, feel confident, and be modest… all at the same time. This is especially important to me as I watch my youngest sister Nicole navigate her pathway through the teen years. The message I have for her, and for all girls is: "Be you; be confident; be beautiful; be modest!"
Aimee Peterson is a mom blogger at, a Registered Nurse, a wife, a mother of four and a homeschooler. Aimee enjoys reading, freelance writing, gardening, playing tennis and volleyball, travel and being with her family.


This is a funny parody of the song Fancy by Iggy Azalea done by my friend Summer Bellessa. If you're a mom with kids you will definitely relate to this! The outfits in this video are really cute and most of them are modest.


Post image for Beyond Modest – What Fashion Rules Do You Follow?

By Rebecca Bratsman

Modesty Manifesto

No crocs, no denim skirts, and no sweats in public. These are just a few of the rules my sister and I made up for ourselves as teenagers.

Some other guidelines we still follow: pantyhose always makes you look like a lady, jewelry should be fun, and dark denim is always a good bet.

Thinking of myself as merely modest brings to mind large flower-printed floor length dresses with sensible flats and a boxy cream cardigan to accessorize. And that’s not really my style.

What I also don’t want to look like is a store-front window with all of my, ahem, goods up front for display.

And I don’t want to be mistaken for anyone in my mother’s generation (bless their hearts, but I don't).

Fashion Rules to Live By

Here’s where my fashion rules come into play. I have to decide:

  • Do I look too casual? If I’m trying to buy some makeup at the store counter, will the salesclerk help me or will she dismiss me as someone not worth her time? It’s obvious if you only step into the high school hallway that casual is an epidemic. Are pajama bottoms and slippers really okay in the grocery store? 
  • Does the tunic shirt really work with my body shape? Or can I really pull off leggings? Not every style makes me look slim and svelte. Some styles, no matter how much I love them, always make me look an instant 20 pounds heavier. That brings me to, 
  • Do my clothes fit? If I want to gain a quick 10 pounds, I buy my clothes a size too small so that I look like I’m bursting out of them. But who wants to ever look heavier than they are? Not me. I buy clothes that fit and skim my body and don’t make me look like everything shrunk in the wash. 
  • An undershirt (in white, black, or a complementary color) can solve almost every modesty shirt problem. But leggings don’t serve the same function when you wear them under shorts. 

Style Inspiration

I also like to keep a fashion icon in mind when I'm dressing. Some of the style classics are the always chic Audrey Hepburn or the classically beautiful Coco Chanel.

Personally, I prefer Julia Roberts for during the week style and Anne Hathaway’s look on Sunday. And when I say Julia Roberts, think Julia-Earth-Mother with earth colors, ethnic bags, and comfortable shoes. And not Julia as Erin Brokovich with crazy push-up bras under a tank top and a mini-skirt.

On Sunday, I love pulling out Anne Hathaway inspired polka-dotted blouses with pencil skirts and modest kitten heels. To me, she always looks like a wholesome girl, a little bit like a bowl full of polka dotted raisin oatmeal. And I like that look on the Sabbath.

Find a style icon that embodies the look you’re going for. No Hollywood starlet is going to be 100% modest is hottest, but you can find a good number of them who wear clothes that only need a little bit of tweaking to make appropriate for you.

When you’re on your quest for your modest style inspiration, ask yourself this question:

When I first look at a picture, do I see the whole person?

If your eyes gravitate to an actress’s legs or a model’s cleavage, then that girl is more interested in showcasing her goods than letting you see the real her. Remember that when you get dressed in the morning.

And for heaven’s sake, leave the crocs at home.

Rebecca Bratsman writes from the perpetually chilly Northwest where she wears sweaters into June, winter coats to watch the fireworks, and never, never goes to the beach in a bathing suit. Brrrrrr.

What fashion rules do you follow? Leave a comment here to share!


LOL this is so cute. Listen closely for "What's a videocassette, what's a VCR"? at 1:58. -Jen


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