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Single and Celibate

By Kristin NaffThe world is full of advice for singles. Unfortunately, most of this advice involves tips for casual sex or seducing beautiful women through hypnosis. The fact is that “single” doesn’t always mean “celibate.” Although being both single and celibate in today’s world can be difficult, there are ways to make it easier. First, […]

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Quick Tips: Finding Love Online

By April Aragam1. Be honest in your profile. Know what you want and state it clearly. Be honest about your height, weight, interests etc. Don’t state what you’d like to be, state what you are. 2. Include a photo. As much as we’d like to believe they don’t, looks do matter. People have their preferences […]

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10 Fun&Unusual Winter Date Ideas

By Melissa LambertWinter can be a challenging time for people who like dating but don’t have a lot of money to spend. Dating staples like picnics, hiking, and going for long walks become more difficult when the weather is cold. But with a little creativity, even cold weather and rainy days aren’t a barrier to […]

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Five Points of Connection

By Nick Sidwell There were 5 things I looked for when choosing girls to date and looking for a future wife. Imagine a suave missionary returning home and falling in love with you. After going on a few dates and meeting his parents, he gets down on one knee, pulls out a little box and… […]

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Reviews of LDS Singles and Dating Sites

WARNING: Don’t be fooled by imitation LDS Singles and Dating sites! Owners of regular non-LDS singles sites have realized a lot of the singles looking online for love are LDS. They want to cash in on the LDS singles market. So they’ve started advertising saying things like “Find LDS Singles”, etc. But when you click […]

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The Five Love Languages

This is a book I read when I was dating the guy who’s now my husband. It really helped my understanding of relationships, and forever changed the way I think about communication. I found it at my local library while browsing around. The Five Love Languages was written by a Christian marriage counselor. It explains […]

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