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Protecting your Sacred Gift

June 23, 2006

By Kristina Haws If someone was trying to kill you, would you just stick around and see what happens? We all have inside of us a gift given to us by Heavenly Father: the ability to create life. Our loving Heavenly Father wants us to know how precious and sacred this gift really is. President […]

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TV Rebel

March 31, 2006

By Leah Higginbotham Every evening, Dylan and I sat together, hand in hand, watching and reciting the Seinfeld episode we’d seen at least eleven times by now. The cool glow of the television washed over us, transfixing our minds and erasing all competing thoughts in one flicker. It was our comforting, secure little ritual. There […]

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Terror on the River

March 18, 2006

By Howard Lemmon “It was one of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me in my entire life… I was literally lifted out of the water and placed there!” I am driving my car down Interstate 40 through Nashville, Tennessee returning from our overnight canoe trip. The Boy Scouts in the back […]

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Everyday Heroes

February 10, 2006

By Kristina HawsAll of us have someone we look up to; someone we might call a hero. They may come in the form of a parent or a teacher, but others come from some of the most unlikley of canidates. One person who has made a big differance in my life is my dance teacher. […]

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Peace on Earth and at Home

December 22, 2005

By Kristina HawsIt seems like all we hear about in the paper and on TV are wars and conflicts covering the earth. Many times the effect is restlessness and fear. Now around Christmas time what we’re thinking about is joy and peace. But where does that peace that people crave so much come from? It […]

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Behold the Cry

November 21, 2005

By: K. A. Saundra A journey of the world has started,The climbing of a rocky way.Some may slip and fall to their knees,But from there they start to pray.                 “Oh Lord. Please help me.                I’ve stumbled and wandered astray.                Please lift and hold and guide me                Along a more excellent way.” Behold the cry of one such girlWho […]

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November 14, 2005

by Kristina HawsHave you ever been to a dance where it seemed like everyone was standing on the wall? Sometimes during the fast songs most everyone is out on the floor but when a slow song starts all the boys seem to disappear. I’ve had both of these experiences. So why don’t boys just ask […]

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Friend Problems

July 9, 2005

A Jen Magazine reader emailed this question: “I just wondered if you guys had any advice on getting friends, because I really am lacking in the department, and I think its because I have higher standards than a lot of people at school. Will you give me some suggestions?” Jen says: Wow, what a good […]

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My Unlikely Adventure Through The Book of Mormon

June 18, 2005

By Howard Lemmon As a young man I was a very poor reader. My comprehension was mediocre, but my reading speed was dismal. Being called upon to read a passage of scripture in church was always traumatic. I would often butcher it beyond recognition. In elementary school, I would be placed in reading groups with […]

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Finding Your Personal Mission

May 1, 2005

Now what? What’s next for me? After graduating from high school, you face so many choices. It can be hard to figure out what’s right for you. The academic world would have you strive for a degree that will lead to a fulfilling, well-paying full-time career. Our religious world stresses getting married and becoming a […]

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