Modest Fashion

By Aimee Peterson

Aimee Blog PhotoWhen I was a child, my siblings and I had a terrible case of chicken pox. Besides two weeks of misery as the virus worked its way through all five of us, the disease left me scarred with pock marks. The largest of these scars is located about 2 inches below my collarbone. When I realized the scar was there, I became incredibly self-conscious. Even at the tender age of six I did not want people to see my scar or ask about it. I saw it as a flaw I did not want others to realize I had.
I was an athletic teen and enjoyed a variety of school and competition sports. However, the prospect of buying a swimsuit and joining my friends at the beach or pool left me in tears. It was a challenge to find a swimsuit that had a high neckline that would cover my scar. My mother finally found a swimsuit that fit my needs at an older women's clothing store. It was a hideous one-piece, blue geometric-patterned suit, but I wore that thing for two years because it covered my scar. There was nothing else suitable in the junior's departments of my local mall.
As time passed, I began to see things that I did not recognize in the days of my youth. The first and most important was that my scar did not define me. It did not make me ugly, as I had {wrongly} assumed. My family and many of my friends knew about my scar, and they still loved me and saw me as beautiful. The second thing I learned was that I did not need to dress immodestly to make friends, do well in school and sports, or to get asked out on dates. I had jokingly called my scar my "modesty modifier," since I may not have chosen to dress as modestly if I didn't have it. Dressing modestly gave me confidence and continues to do so today. I believe this is because I learned to respect my body by not showing it off as an object. By keeping myself covered, I respect my body for the incomparable gift that it is. At this point in my life, I am glad I had this experience so I can help other girls find confidence in themselves through modesty. 
Aimee & NicoleI wish that companies like Jen Clothing had been around when I was a teen! I so appreciate companies who make high quality, fashionable, MODEST clothing readily available. I know I do not have to purchase clothing items made for another generation anymore. I can dress well, feel confident, and be modest… all at the same time. This is especially important to me as I watch my youngest sister Nicole navigate her pathway through the teen years. The message I have for her, and for all girls is: "Be you; be confident; be beautiful; be modest!"
Aimee Peterson is a mom blogger at, a Registered Nurse, a wife, a mother of four and a homeschooler. Aimee enjoys reading, freelance writing, gardening, playing tennis and volleyball, travel and being with her family.


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By Heather Merrill

Fall is officially here.

And yet for many of us—the outside thermometer still shows an abundance of red. We're wearing Bermuda shorts one day and an oversized sweater the next. We're craving pumpkin everything—but a Slurpee can still hit the spot.

But there's something about this time of year that makes me ogle new color combinations. I'm driving distracted as the mountains blaze with reds and yellows. Bedtime isn't even an consideration until I see the sunset shimmer with deep pinks and blues. And I'm not gonna lie—I want to spend hours on Pinterest looking for colors that are new and interesting.


That's when I remember to go check out the Pantone website and look at the Pantone® Fashion Color Report Fall 2014.

Here's the deal: Designers used a plethora of these colors during New York Fashion Week (February 6-13, 2014.) And these are the colors—my friends—that we'll see more of this fall. Here are the colors combinations I'm falling in love with:




I love the idea of combining neutrals Aluminum and Cognac with a pop of color, like Bright Cobalt.mauveorchidcypress





Or wouldn't it be just lovely to have a monochromatic Mauve Mist and Radiant Orchid—with a flash of Cypress-colored jewelry?



And let's not forget to give ample props to the 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid. This lovely flower of a color becomes like a neutral when paired with colors like Sangria, Royal Blue, or Misted Yellow.

image 4

You can download your own handy-dandy copy of the colors. Use the chart to create stellar outfit combinations, find fabrics for throw pillows, or even to color-coordinate your next birthday party! You will WOW your friends—and you might even get them to scare up some new adorable outfits and start falling over fall (or at least the new fall colors.)

Please Share: Do you like these colors? What must-have color combinations did I miss?

Heather Merrill is a freelance writer who loves mint gelato, midi-skirts, and heels she can run in.


Beautylin Dresses ( is running a contest. Enter here to win a Free Formal Dress!

Beautylin makes modest womenʼs bridal & party dresses. Their latest collection “Glam Gems” is elegant, demure couture paired with a feel of fun!

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So happy to see this awesome video by Jessica Rey, who makes some of the swimsuits we sell at -Jen


I just heard about Classy Sisters, a modest clothing store started by two sisters who wanted to create fashion for "Real" Ladies. They have lots of great modest skirts from knee-length to floor length, in many colors & styles. The skirt prices are really affordable, from $19.99 and up! Plus every order is only $2.99 for shipping which is so low.

Their top sellers are their denim skirts. They have 10 different styles. This one shown goes below the knee and has a straight pencil skirt fit. It comes in medium blue, dark blue and black. The denim has a small amount of Lycra for a little stretch. This skirt is a staple in any woman's closet, and the below-the-knee length is hard to find. These are only $19.99! They come in Misses sizes 4-18. Plus if you want the slit to be sewn up, either half way, or all the way, they will do that for free.

They also have a bunch of other stuff- tops, sweaters, jackets, accessories and more. I get a lot of requests for plus sized modest clothes and they have plus sizes and some products can be custom ordered in any size. I also get a lot of requests for clothes that look more sophisticated- basically stuff that won't make mature women feel like they're wearing teenager clothes. Classy Sisters fills that need for mature women, while still having something for everyone. Visit them at and use coupon code "jenten" for 10% off! -Jen


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New Modest Formal Dress Company: Beautylin

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We just discovered a fairly new modest formal dress designer, Linda Skinner, and her company Beautylin. Beautylin's emphasis is on making modest bridal, floor-length and knee-length gowns for women of ALL ages for ALL occasions, not just for proms. Linda Skinner's designs elevate modest party dresses to high-rise style complementing both physical and inner beauty. […]

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