Modest Clothing Company Reviews

New Collection from JustLongShirts

January 4, 2010

By Jen has created a fusion between modesty and contemporary design! I noticed they launched a new collection including this cute Metallic Sweater (black with silver/gold) and Knot Front Jersey (available in turquoise & red). Whether you are LDS, Christian, Muslim or Jewish, you’ll find truly distinctive and well cut longer-length modest shirts with […]

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Keeping Tabs on Tabeez Modest Apparel

August 19, 2009

By Jen Tabeez is a modesty-focused clothing company with boutiques in New Jersey and New York, and last year they launched an online store. Since then, their online offerings have grown to include a huge selection of modest clothing (tops, skirts, dresses, suits and outerwear) and extras like accessories, shoes, skincare and makeup. It looks […]

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Handmade Modest Swimwear Boutique

May 1, 2009

By Jen A friend in my neighborhood makes really cute modest swimsuits – her company is Black & White Apparel (they have color collections too). They specialize in modest pin-up girl swimwear for teen girls and women. Their fun, retro-inspired designs will make you want to buy more than one! The swimsuits can be customized […]

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Review: CAMI Swimwear

February 23, 2009

By Jennifer LochI just got a new swimsuit from CAMI Swimwear and was excited when I opened the box and saw it- the colors were vibrant and the style was even cuter than it looked on the website. The suit fits great- very flattering to my post-baby body! (I had my 2nd baby in Nov. […]

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High Fashion for the Conservative’s Closet

July 7, 2008

By Jennifer LochIf you appreciate the beauty in modesty, and prefer to wear long skirts and conservative tops, TAQWA IMAN offers you a complete shopping experience. From skirts to accessories to shoes, they sell many of the items you need to put together a modest *chic* outfit. Every item is priced to be able to […]

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Skirting the Issue

June 9, 2008

Long skirts can be hard to find even in the cold months, but trying to find them in the summer is almost impossible. If you like to wear long skirts, we found a place with lots of them, and a few knee-length skirts too. This company caters to Jewish modesty standards, and the clothes are […]

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Modest International Style

May 29, 2008

We found a unique company that focuses on modest clothing where East meets West. They sell imports as well as local designer jewelry & clothing. At Global Trendzz they have apparel, belts, purses, jewelry and embroidered bags. They plan to soon add skirts, footwear, knitwear, a personal care line and more– they just launched a […]

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Sub-Lime (Modest) Swimsuits

February 6, 2008

Newsflash: Warm Weather is Around the Corner (Finally).Get an eyeful of Lime with modest tankinis from Lime Ricki! Fun patterns and prints come together to create these unique swimsuits. Add a swim skirt to the mix for cute coverage. Broke? Looking for a deal? There are several on sale as well– as low as $36.00 […]

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Fashion Review: Molly’s Clothing

November 23, 2007

By Jennifer LochMolly’s Clothing recently launched a bunch of brand new clothing styles along with a new website, so I decided to do a review of their clothes. I got an Empire Dress, a Lace Capsleeve and a “Mini Molly” shirt from them. The clothes came rolled up in tissue paper and tied with a […]

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Hot ‘N Modest Dresses

June 1, 2007

Summertime brings family fun, relaxation and… skin-bearing fashion. It can be difficult to find a modest summer dress at a time when most dresses are spaghetti-strap on the top and too short on the bottom. Just on the scene: Hot ‘N Modest, a new place to find modest dresses that opened on June 1st ’07. […]

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