Modest Clothing Company Reviews

Modest Shorts that Look Good

March 28, 2007

By Jennifer LochNow that the weather’s getting warm, it’s time to start looking for shorts. Modest shorts are one of the hardest things to find. Here at *Jen* Magazine we look for modest shorts every spring to add to our “Fashion Finds” but it is hard to find cute shorts that are both long and […]

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We Compare the Modest Shirt Companies

February 21, 2007

By Melissa Lambert Fashion can be a tricky thing when you are committed to modesty. When the fashion is low-rise jeans and shirts that are low-cut, short and sleeveless, it can be difficult to wear the clothes you want while maintaining the dress standards that are important to you. In recent years, a number of […]

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Respectable T-Shirts

January 2, 2007

If you think T-shirts with rude comments on them are getting annoying, here’s something you’ll like: Meaningful, respectable Christian T-shirts with good, uplifting messages on them. These shirts reflect conservative, scriptural values and positive & prayerful attitudes. They are modest in style and their messages promote goodness (as opposed to the messages on so many […]

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Conversation Clothing

October 26, 2005

You see a guy walking by at the mall and his shirt says “I Stinketh Not!!!” and his friend’s shirt says “Touch Me Not For I Have Not Yet… Gone On My Mission”. You’re thinking that their shirts are cute and even better that you know they’re LDS without having met them at a church […]

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ModesTee Test

August 31, 2005

With the modesTee you’ll never agonize over your wardrobe again! Do you have a hard time finding dressy tops that are modest? I’ve always had a hard time finding cute dressy tops. It seems all the dressy tops I find are sleeveless, sheer, or revealing in some other way. By wearing the modesTee underneath, I […]

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