Why Modesty?

What’s the Motive?

February 6, 2006

By Sharon NevilleHave you ever wondered why people wear immodest clothing? Well it’s usually because they want to be popular and show off skin. Once they get used to showing off a little skin then they show off a little more and a little more. When people resort to being immodest it usually means they […]

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How Clothing Influences Your Relationships

March 3, 2005

By Nick Sidwell “Sometimes we don’t realize how far the ripples reach when we throw a rock into a pond. The fact is, those ripples that we cause, may affect others though we are unaware of the damage. So, it is important to remember that our actions always have consequences and we will always affect […]

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What Guys Are Saying About Modesty

January 31, 2005

These are emails and excerpts from emails I’ve received from guys (posted here with permission). -Jen “I’m not Mormon, but I really do prefer modest apparel over, well, not-so-modest apparel on girls to the extent, in fact, that I’m more likely to approach them. Is it because I don’t think I can “get with” girls […]

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Understanding Modesty

December 21, 2004

Hi, it’s Jen! When I was a teen I didn’t understand modesty. When I asked my Mom why modesty was important she’d say “If you dress immodestly guys will get the wrong idea. They’ll view you as an object. They’ll think bad things. People will judge you.” And I thought “Well that’s their problem! I […]

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