Channel Surfing: Growing Up….

by Jen

While recovering from an ear infection, I found this show while doing a pass through my TV Guide. Considering it was on Animal Planet, I was curious. When I found out the subject, I was hooked. Like the name and the channel suggest, Growing Up focuses on a different sort of animal each episode. These are wild animals who found their way into captivity for a number of reasons, and you’re given the opportunity to watch them find their way to health and happiness with the humans who care for them. You get to watch the animals become more than just the cute little orphan. You see how they develop personalities, and are along for the sometimes turbulent time they have growing up. Not unlike us humans really.

What I liked about this show is that it has a lot of heart. You get to see firsthand the work done by dedicated people around the world who are giving of their time, and opening their homes to some of the wildest creatures on our planet. These animals become family, and the humans are clearly people these animals come to know, trust and maybe even love. The bond is truly touching considering what some of the young animals had to endure before coming to the sanctuaries, zoos or preserves that will take care of them. I’ll even admit to getting a bit teary-eyed when the caretakers have to give their charges up so they can mature into adulthood with others of their own kind. Along the way, you’ll also learn some interesting facts about the animal of the hour as well as their status on the endangered species list.

Growing Up works because of its honesty. You’re not forced into feeling compassion for the animals. The animals make you care without any help from the people behind the cameras, and you might even see how close we really can be to the animals we share the world with. This is a show to share with your whole family, and a great way to learn about conservation efforts and the people behind them.

Growing Up…. airs on Animal Planet daily. Check your local listings for dates and times.

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri
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