Coming Soon: Stranger Than Fiction

by Jen

-Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman

With some actors, you’re forced to wonder if they ever go home. Will Ferrell is one of those guys. It seems like at least once a year he has a film either out or in the works, and this is his latest. Stranger than Fiction is the story of two stories really. First, it’s the story of Karen Eiffel. She’s a best selling author who can’t kill the main character of her latest book. That character is the second story. His name is Harold Crick, and he happens to be real. Unfortunately for Harold, he winds up hearing a narration of his life which is really Karen’s book. Needless to say, when he finds out that the narrator is planning on killing him he’s concerned and there’s where the third story begins.

The movie has a fantastic cast which ranges from Ferrell to Dustin Hoffman, and by all accounts it looks like an interesting and perhaps warped comedy. Hey, after a long week there’s nothing wrong with a little weirdness. Narration not included.

Stranger Than Fiction Trailer

Stranger Than Fiction opens November 10th.

(Photo provided by Yahoo! Movies)

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri
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