Everyday Heroes

by Jen

By Kristina Haws

All of us have someone we look up to; someone we might call a hero. They may come in the form of a parent or a teacher, but others come from some of the most unlikley of canidates.

One person who has made a big differance in my life is my dance teacher. She is a very fun person to be with and her personality reflects the ability to be understanding and helpful. She is dedicated to her work and to her family. She is especially a hero to me because I hope to become a star dancer in the future. She is there to help me fulfill my dreams.

Another person I look up to is in my ward, Brother Brady*. As hard as it is to say, my dad has not always been there for me or the rest of my family. Brother Brady is a good example of the father I never had. He is the head of his house and is a responsible parent, but not too strict. He is understanding of his family and nice to be around. All in all he is a great husband, brother and dad. I am thankful for his example.

Even though we don’t notice, there are people always watching us and noticing what we do, especially as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That’s why we should be good examples ourselves. I hope I am, and that we can all be, someone to look up to.

* Name has been changed.

Kristina lives in North Platte, Nebraska. She is 16 and a sophmore in high school. She loves dancing and dreams of becoming a professional. She also likes singing and playing soccer.

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