Fall TV Season-A Jen Girl’s Guide

by Jen

Television is tricky business. What’s worth you time, and when should you grab a book? Well, here’s my picks for some of the standouts from the networks. It’s not a complete list mostly because some of the shows I couldn’t really recommend without a lot of disclaimers. So, here’s the best of the bunch with my comments about each.

The CW (Formerly UPN and The WB)

This is what happens when two networks that weren’t doing all that well on their own get together. What also happens is some of the better shows on TV finally get a chance to get the audience they richly deserve.

7th Heaven: Now, I’m not sure what the nice people at the CW did but this show is back after bidding loyal viewers a fond farewell. It’s a show worth your time due to the realistic view of families dealing with contemporary issues and solving things through a strong family dynamic and plain old communication. It deals with things like premarital sex and pregnancy though, so keep in mind that when I say contemporary I really do mean it. The show also deals with issues of social tolerance and diversity with a graceful sense of style that people today could take a lesson from.

Gilmore Girls: One of my favorites on the network, and a standout overall..The Girlmore Girls is a story about a single mother raising the child she had as a teenager and how mother and daughter have grown up together. It’s a cleverly written show and one of the few that has strong female leads. Both Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham are standouts almost every season for Emmy consideration, and their on-screen chemistry is both charming and funny. This is a show that has some language issues that bear consideration though. It has also handled issues of sex, drinking, and divorce. Also, check out Rory’s Book Club if you’d like to get literate like Rory Gilmore.

It’s a short, sad list. A lot of the reason why many popular shows like Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, and CSI were left off is because of content. All three shows can get quite graphic and just plain inappropriate for the standards of the church. Now you know why I stick to movies and science fiction.

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri

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