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Falling All Over the New Fall Colors

by Jen

By Heather Merrill

Fall is officially here.

And yet for many of us—the outside thermometer still shows an abundance of red. We're wearing Bermuda shorts one day and an oversized sweater the next. We're craving pumpkin everything—but a Slurpee can still hit the spot.

But there's something about this time of year that makes me ogle new color combinations. I'm driving distracted as the mountains blaze with reds and yellows. Bedtime isn't even an consideration until I see the sunset shimmer with deep pinks and blues. And I'm not gonna lie—I want to spend hours on Pinterest looking for colors that are new and interesting.


That's when I remember to go check out the Pantone website and look at the Pantone® Fashion Color Report Fall 2014.

Here's the deal: Designers used a plethora of these colors during New York Fashion Week (February 6-13, 2014.) And these are the colors—my friends—that we'll see more of this fall. Here are the colors combinations I'm falling in love with:




I love the idea of combining neutrals Aluminum and Cognac with a pop of color, like Bright Cobalt.mauveorchidcypress





Or wouldn't it be just lovely to have a monochromatic Mauve Mist and Radiant Orchid—with a flash of Cypress-colored jewelry?



And let's not forget to give ample props to the 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid. This lovely flower of a color becomes like a neutral when paired with colors like Sangria, Royal Blue, or Misted Yellow.

image 4

You can download your own handy-dandy copy of the colors. Use the chart to create stellar outfit combinations, find fabrics for throw pillows, or even to color-coordinate your next birthday party! You will WOW your friends—and you might even get them to scare up some new adorable outfits and start falling over fall (or at least the new fall colors.)

Please Share: Do you like these colors? What must-have color combinations did I miss?

Heather Merrill is a freelance writer who loves mint gelato, midi-skirts, and heels she can run in.

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