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Find LDS Modest Clothing: It's hard to find cute modest clothes at the mall, but there are many modest clothes companies you can shop from online. Here's a list: (If you're looking for a modest prom or formal dress, go to our Modest Prom section.)

Jen Clothing

modest dresses Jen Clothing sells affordable, high-fashion modest dresses for church or every day, and also modest prom dresses and swimwear for LDS women and teens. Sign up to get a discount on your first order! Shop now:


LDS modest clothesHydroChic sells modest swimwear to suit all comfort levels when it comes to modesty. They have tank-tops and tops with short or long sleeves, and bottoms ranging from short swim-shorts to cute long swim-skirts and everything in-between. Finally, someone has made longer and full-coverage modest swimwear look fashionable! Enter the code "jenswim" at checkout to get 8% off of any order! See the many HydroChic options.

Shabby Apple

Mormon Modest DressShabby Apple sells modest dresses and accessories. They even have maternity dresses and dresses for girls and preteens.

Mia Bellina

LDS modest clothingMia Bellina sells fashionable, sleek & easy to wear modest clothes that go from casual to chic with just some accessory changes. Created with the modern and busy woman in mind, their clothes are trendy, comfortable and affordable. One of their unique items is this half-shirt for wearing under a tank or sleeveless dress when you don't want the bulk of the rest of the shirt. Mia Bellina modest clothing is very affordable, with most items priced around $15.00. Visit Mia Bellina.

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