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Find LDS Modest Clothing: It's hard to find cute modest clothes at the mall, but there are many modest clothes companies you can shop from online. Here's a list: (If you're looking for a modest prom or formal dress, go to our Modest Prom section.)

Jen Clothing

modest dresses Jen Clothing sells affordable, high-fashion modest dresses for church or every day, and also modest prom dresses and swimwear for LDS women and teens. Sign up to get a discount on your first order! Shop now:


LDS modest clothesHydroChic sells modest swimwear to suit all comfort levels when it comes to modesty. They have tank-tops and tops with short or long sleeves, and bottoms ranging from short swim-shorts to cute long swim-skirts and everything in-between. Finally, someone has made longer and full-coverage modest swimwear look fashionable! Enter the code "jenswim" at checkout to get 8% off of any order! See the many HydroChic options.

Shabby Apple

Mormon Modest DressShabby Apple sells modest dresses and accessories. They even have maternity dresses and dresses for girls and preteens.

Mia Bellina

LDS modest clothingMia Bellina sells fashionable, sleek & easy to wear modest clothes that go from casual to chic with just some accessory changes. Created with the modern and busy woman in mind, their clothes are trendy, comfortable and affordable. One of their unique items is this half-shirt for wearing under a tank or sleeveless dress when you don't want the bulk of the rest of the shirt. Mia Bellina modest clothing is very affordable, with most items priced around $15.00. Visit Mia Bellina.

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 i think our website would be a wonderful addition to your listings of modest bathing suits!



Check out I have been able to find cute cheap swimsuits at this site that I love!


peggy rickard

I would like to have modest culottes. i cant find loose free flowing ones for a decent price.


Marci Rapp, MarSea Modest Swimwear

We manufacture modest culottes called the AquaSkort.  We also have over 20 styles of modest swim & gymwear.  Please visit and contact us for further information


Susan Morreale

I am searching for a crew neck tan or beige colored shirt with short sleeves or sleeveless. I need a high neck in a size XL or 1X. can't find it anywhere.



Hi Jen, offers custom-sewn, modest and refined clothing including tops, skirts, dresses, snoods, slips, camisoles, maternity, belts and more for women and girls.  Please visit!  Thanks!


Kim Harris

I would like to add my Etsy shop to your list of modest shops. I make and sell modest skirts and dresses for preteen girls! Please check out my new shop!
Kim Harris



Hi, would be an excellent addition to this directory!


Rana Gulraiz

There are many online stores for shopping of modest clothes but this website is fulfills all the requirements of any customer regarding online shopping of modest clothing. The customer can buy modest skirts, tops, dresses etc from this website.



Kosher Casual,, makes a full collection of casual modest, but modern, clothing for women, teens, and girls. Skirts, layering tops, 3/4 sleeves, denim, running and swim skirts, modest accessories for covering up and a lot more!


Ablaze Dip

This is a great online store of modest clothing. There are huge collection of casual modest clothing for woman. There are also on going too many offer. Customer can buy modest accessories from here. Thank You.


rachel lam

Hi ,i own a modest boutique in south fl  GO TO http://WWW.MAXIMMODESTY.COM  we ship all over the us.
i created maxim's boutique when i realized how difficult it was to find modest yet fashionable and classy styles  in today's market!!!  i personally think that modest is the hottest 🙂



Hi, please consider adding my website too: it is a modern modest fashion blog.
Thank you



Amala tumchi website khup aawadli manun me ti pahili kay me tumchya website la manun bet dili


Leelach promotes Israeli women designers who design & create tichels-haircoverings, modest clothing & Judaica items. Our designers are unique and  add the special israeli touch to all their products. we ship worldwide & have great prices!. 



Thank you for puting all of these together! I've always strived to dress modestly but I am studying to become a teacher and have a hard time finding modest clothes that fit my body type. I greatly appreciate all those that make modest clothes! So glad I stumbled upon this site!



naomi We believe that your time is important, so instead of wandering around sales and designer stores, "" brings all the headscarves and designs to Your home so you can buy the tichel you like at any time that suits you.




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