Fever Pitch

by Jen

-Directed by: Bobby and Peter Farrelly

Drew Barrymore– Lindsay
Jimmy Fallon– Ben

Right so, you go to see a Farrelly brothers movie and you expect a certain set of things. You expect it to be crass. You expect it to be kind of weird. And, you expect it to be so grossly inappropriate that this reviewer couldn’t come near it with a ten foot pole and military backup. Imagine my surprise when I saw this film. I checked the poster on the way out to make sure I hadn’t been fooled in fact. (Even I, your intrepid movie reviewer, has goofed up on this stuff sometimes.) To my surprise, I was right and apparently the Farrelly’s have changed their tune…at least for this film.

You’ve probably seen both Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon all over the morning and late night talk shows talking about this film and with good reason. It’s an awfully cute film. Fairly predictable, but cute. Based on the book by Nick Hornby, this is the story of Ben Wrightman who became a member of the Red Sox faithful so early in life he probably forgot exactly when the term fanatic started to apply to him. He attends spring training. He doesn’t miss a game and he’s under the assumption that his team needs him. Let’s be honest, we can probably all see someone we know in this role. You know the one. The person who just knows that without them the team, or athelete, would just be lost and OH wouldn’t that be a tragedy! Fallon plays Ben with a lot softer hand than his days on Saturday Night Live and shows a lot of comic grace that makes him fun to watch.

Ah, but there’s a twist and it comes in the form of Lindsay Meeks. Lindsay is committed to her job, and wonders why finding that “right” guy is just so darn hard. Enter Ben, during the off season of course, who sweeps her off her feet when he takes care of her after she gets food poisoning. The problem? What does a baseball fanatic do when he meets a really special girl? This is where it kind of gets predictable but you don’t mind a lot. It’s a very heartwarming movie that doesn’t get too involved with its own sweetness. You like these characters and you want them to be together. Barrymore and Fallon clearly enjoyed each other’s company which translated to a really nice onscreen chemistry.

Now for the really amazing part which no one saw coming. This film was made last year. Remember who won the Series last year? That’s right. The Boston Red Sox. The film’s ending had to be rewritten at light speed to make up for this amazing change of events which had both Fallon and Barrymore at the final game of the series. If you were watching carefully enough, you even saw some of the movie being filmed on field during the celebrations. How’s that for a true Hollywood ending?

What I will warn you about is this movie does have something of the Farrelly’s crass comedy to it. There are some sexual jokes and some drinking along with some crude humor but honestly, it’s not bad. The movie itself sticks to a pretty standard formula of other romantic comedies but thanks to some fun performances by Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, you wind up not really minding.

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri
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