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Impel Clothing

by Jen

By Jen

So I just noticed this company but I guess they've been around for a while now. They used to do the home party thing but now they're an online store and you can still get in on the party action by hosting an online party for your friends. Impel Clothing sells undershirts, layering tops, jeans, dresses and accessories.

They have a lot of cap sleeve tops in different colors, camisoles, and the cropped cap sleeve. I really like cropped cap sleeve tops because you can wear them under something when you just need the coverage up top, and you eliminate all the bulk around your waist. That bulk can be hot in the summertime, but it can also bunch up making wrinkle lines under your shirt, and making your waist look thicker than it is (who needs that?). They have the cropped cap sleeve top in white, natural and slate.

I was a little thrown at first because they have a lot of sleeveless tops but I guess they are meant to be layered. They also have lace tops you can wear over a cap-sleeve.

I like that they have jeans because not many modest clothing companies sell them. I wonder if they're more modest than regular jeans. I saw a lot of shirts in their sale section too! So check out: Impel.

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