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Jen’s Modest Clothes Store

by Jen

Many people have asked me if Jen Clothing is owned by the same "Jen" of Jen Magazine. The answer is yes!

I started Jen Clothing in 2008 after running Jen Magazine for several years. I wanted to do something more to help get modest clothing to the masses.

I've always had a hard time finding cute modest dresses. You can usually find a modest top to pair with a modest bottom. But finding a dress that is modest both up top and in the length at the bottom is a double challenge. Dresses are supposed to be 1-piece items, not something to be covered up or worn on top of another piece of clothing.

So at Jen Clothing we specialize in modest dresses. We sell casual dresses, dresses for church, and formal dresses. We also sell really cute modest swimwear. In the future we will branch out into other clothing items. You can visit Jen Clothing online at Sign up there to receive a coupon to use on your first purchase. Thanks for all of your support! -Jen Loch

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jgeebiz January 14, 2012 at 8:56 am

I like your site. My daughter has been trying to find two things. She's 15 and loves style and color. One of the things that the both of us have noticed is that most of the sites we have been on the dresses either look frumpy and or in bland, dark colors. Will this trend continue for most of the sites for modest clothing? 


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