Mind the Gap with ModMiss

by Jen

modest camis

If you're looking for high-neck camisoles, we don't currently sell them at JenClothing.com but you can get good ones at a new place called ModMiss. Their camis have adjustable straps so you can wear them as high on your neckline as you want, or you can lower them to fit your needs. They also add coverage down to your hips to help "mind the gap" between your top and bottoms.

ModMiss was started by Rachel Miller, who was looking for modest layering tops that provided coverage both at the top and the bottom. Rachel says:

"I believe in dressing modestly, which often resulted in frustration when I shopped for clothes. I passed up cute tops because they were too low-cut, sheer, or short waisted. Many of my friends faced the same problem."

Then inspiration struck. "The idea came to me to create modest layering pieces not only for myself, but for others who share this conviction of modesty. After a year of trial and error, the dream has become reality. The right fabric has been found, and the perfect pattern created. My dining room has been transformed into an office, warehouse, and shipping center. I love that I can now walk into a store and buy any top, knowing that if I need the extra coverage, it’s at home in my closet."

ModMissBlackCamiI have one of Rachel's camis and I love the soft stretchy fabric. It has just the right weight- thin enough to be cool in the summertime, and thick enough to be opaque. The length of the cami is also just right. It keeps me covered without being too long and bulky. I've finally been able to wear some cute tops that have been sitting in my closet for too long because they didn't have the coverage I needed!

If you're looking for a cami to keep you covered please consider supporting this great faith-based small business by shopping at ModMiss.com. -Jen

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