How Do You Turn A Guy Down?

Here's a question from Grams's Corner:

Grams, Is there a polite way to turn a boy down when he asks you out on a date? I’m 15 now, but will be 16 for the Prom. I think a boy I’m not very comfortable around might ask me out. I don’t really want to go with him, but I don’t want to lie or not go to the Prom at all. Is it best to just go? But I want to have fun, too! I don’t want to be rude.
First I want to commend you for waiting until 16 to date. That is wonderful. You did not say why you are uncomfortable being around him. Makes me wonder if you are afraid he may ask you to do something that is not right. This is one of the reasons why dating when you are 16 and group dating is a must. If you have friends that have dates to the Prom, ask them to create a group and attend this way. There is safety in groups.

I remember a dance one of my girls went to. They decided that they would go as friends. They did not want to have a "date" per se they just wanted to have fun and they had a blast. I have also heard where a group of young ladies and a group of young men decided not to take a date. They just wanted to go without the stigma of having a date. They went and had fun.

If this young man still asks you, just let him know that you are going in a group. I would also suggest that you pray about him as well. Be sure to keep an open/clear mind when you do talk with Heavenly Father about this young man or any other one. We never know what Heavenly Father has in mind.

Good luck most of all have fun.


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