Modest Prom Examples & Ideas #1

"Here is a picture of a recent prom I went to. Everyone said I looked like Audrey cool!!! I Love being modest and helping other girls realize that being modest is much cooler than not. For one of my laurel projects I am putting on a modest fashion show for the younger girls."

Nicole Frenza, Age 17, Sparks NV

"In Apex, there is an LDS Bookstore that carries modest prom and wedding dresses. When I saw that dress, I knew that was the one I was going to wear to my Junior Prom. It was just what I wanted, and it was modest!!!"

Nondi Breneman, Age 17, Apex NC

"I bought this dress strapless and had my friend's mother sew the white band and sleeves onto it. She cut the sleeves off of another pattern and created them basically from scratch. The dress turned out beautifully."

Sarah, Age 17, Idaho

"Sleeves were added to this gown to make it modest."

Tegan Brown, Age 16, Connolly, Western Australia

"Me and my mom made this dress for my senior prom. It was also a YW project."

Allison Weathers, Age 18, BYU Provo UT

"When I was a junior I had the opportunity to go to our school's Prom. The only problem was that our school dances were not environments where good LDS kids really wanted to be (the music, dancing, and behavior of other students was really bad). So my date and I went to a Church dance that was scheduled for the exact same night then we went to after-prom. My dress is a Sari from India. I wore a different shirt underneath it (because the traditional shirts show your back and stomach). I totally believe that 'Modest is the hottest!'"

Holly Flory, Age 18, Ohio

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