Modest Prom Examples & Ideas #2

"This is a photo of my boyfriend and I at our Junior prom. I bought my dress off of Beautifully Modest, and although I was only one of two modestly dressed girls out of hundreds, it felt wonderful to know I was pleasing the Lord with my dress. :)"

Vanessa Castillo, Age 17

"I was lucky enough to go on my first date to our school's Prom about a month after my 16th birthday. My oldest sister had found this beatiful dress and it had been passed down to me. I was very excited to wear it, I felt like Cinderella! Even in a town that is about 90% LDS, I was sad to see how many immodest fashions there were at my prom. I was happy to be one of those that were modest, and I still felt beautiful!"

April Whatcott, Age 16, Salem UT

"This is a picture of my boyfriend and I at prom last year. I got this dress at Bliss in the ZCMI mall in Salt Lake. I absolutely loved it! Not only was it modest...but absolutely adorable."

Micah Ross, Age 17, Casper WY

"Here is my prom dress from my Junior year. I found it online at Great Lengths since I live in a small town and there really isn't stores or other places I could go to in order to find a modest dress. I'm soo thankful I was able to find this dress and wear it to prom because modesty is important to me and I was able to show the girls in my ward that you can be beautiful in a modest dress. The girls in my ward just loved my prom pictures...they said I looked like princess."

Kira Gilleo, Age 17, Kingman AZ

"This is the dress I wore to the ball/prom last year. My mum sewed it for me."

Alyssa, Age 15, Hamilton, NZ

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