Modest Wedding Dress Examples and Ideas #1

"I won a gown from a bridal show... I was looking for a conservative one and couldn't find any. I didn't care who the designer was as long as I was covered so I designed my bolero/shrug bcuz I couldn't find one in the department stores. Can U imagine after my wedding it's all over! Anyway, it's OK at least I was able to design one. I love my wedding dress... my mom put some Swarovski with it and it was so beautiful. Here's my wedding website:" -Elaine in Illinois

"Here are some pics of my wedding dress and even the bridesmaids. My mom made the dress... and she bought fabric on sale for the bridesmaids and whipped together skirts and the girls just wore white shirts.. I find bridemaids dresses can be just as unmodest ... and always too expensive.. this way I could afford to pay for their dress they just had to provide white shoes and shirt." -Sarah Walters in Ontario Canada

"Unable to find a modest dress with any amount of style for less then $2000, I ended up buying a great skirt and shirt seperately. I love what I wore, and it was under $100! The skirt was found at a department store, the shirt at Old Navy. The pictures were taken at the Atlanta Temple." -Valarie Roney in GA

Stephanie recently got married. Here's a picture of her and her husband outside of the Nashville, Tennessee Temple.

She says "I got the dress at a consignment shop, the back was too low so we made an insert with Velcro." Who would have noticed?

"I bought platform flip flops from Hecht's for $11 and they already had the white ribbon with the bow on them." -Stephanie

Can you believe this cake is from Walmart?

"Yeah that’s our cake from Walmart I took a picture of the cake I wanted ($500 no way) and they did it. A friend's mom made a beaded temple for the top. There was also a wedding web site I went to to get napkins with the Nashville Temple on them." -Stephanie Ledbetter, Lebanon, TN

Jenn Shaffer, Reedsville, WV

"Here's my wedding dress (with me in it of course) from Sep. 2003. I just want to let those girls who are preparing for marriage now or will be in the future know...You don't need to throw style out the window when it comes to modesty. I am my own person I like to express myself through my individual style. When I was getting married, the last thing I wanted to do was to wear a typical 'Mormon wedding dress'. Don't get me wrong they are still very pretty, but after everyone I know gets married in the same five dress styles I wanted something NEW! I was so lucky to find this dress on sale! Don't give up!" -Ashley in Las Vegas

See YOURSELF here!

Send us your modest wedding picture with or without your new Hubby. Email it to jen "at" and include your name, city, state, and whatever else you want to say.

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