Modest Wedding Dress Examples and Ideas #2

"My friend bought a dress for $3000, and there was no way a savvy spendy like myself could dish out that much dough for a dress you wear once. After trying on about 600 dresses, I found what elements I liked from which dresses. I compiled the parts I liked and came up with a sketch of my own. Luckily, I have an aunt who used to make wedding dresses as a career. She offered a lot of help and advice (and gave me some leftover satin!) and I was able to make my own wedding dress. For dress, veil, shoes, and accessories, I spent under $120! Everyone knows someone who has some sewing know-how. My best advice is don't be afraid to ask! You don't have to sit down and do it yourself. Seek out those who can help you create your own unique dress." -Leah Higginbotham

"I knew I didn't want to spend a lot on my wedding dress and that I wanted to make it myself. I picked a pattern that I liked but because it wasn't completely modest, I made the alterations myself by adding to the pattern and making the changes I needed. I also put a train on it that was detachable. The greatest thing is that the dress itself cost under $50 with the fabric and everything. The making of it was a chore but I was able to make my dream come true of making my own dress!" -Jenne Alderks, Stockton, California

Amy Radvansky from Lugoff, South Carolina was recently married in the Salt Lake City Temple.

"I'm from Argentina and that's where we got married. There aren't any "modest clothing" stores like here; if you happen to find a modest dress, go for it. Or just (like me) have a seamstress make it for you. In my case I designed it. Checking on American modest wedding gown websites helped me find details that would make my dress unique. I totally love it! I didn't want it to be the typically plain Mormon dress (they are pretty, but they lack of details that make them original). Some brides-to-be want a plain long sleeved dress to be able to wear it in the sealing room, but Temples provide dresses for the ceremony so you can have your modest outstanding wedding gown for the pictures and the reception!

My dress has a transparent "overskirt" that closes on my left, where the corset makes a little tip. The corset is completely separate from the rest of the dress and it has diagonal embroidery with beads (that I made myself). The embroidery ends in the tip of the corset on the left, where the over skirt closes. And the sleeves are just half sleeves with the detail of that transparent fabric in them (sorry, I owe you the names of the fabrics; I have no clue). I felt like a princess, and hey! there's nothing wrong with that... why not feel like a princess on the day of our wedding? We made it to the Temple, we deserve to look and feel beautiful!

A little advice: Don't wear super high heels, least of all if they're brand new. You'll be tired and the heel is not worn out, so you might be subject to slipping and falling... haha!" -Paula

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