Of course it’s fun! It’s a girl thing.

by Jen

By Megan Walter

Okay-so we dress modest. We look for affordable prices. If you’re anything like me, you can’t find affordable, pretty, and modest clothes!

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years:

  • Look for sales! At malls, Burlington, Marshalls (my particular fav), and anywhere else there might be something with long sleeves and long skirts.
  • Thrift shops! I’ve found a few nice things myself. And they are so cheap!
  • Online! There are two online shops that have a few cute tops and bottoms: dELiA*s, and Alloy. Check back often, and wait for sales. I love the t-shirts they have!
  • Make your own! Ok, so that doesn’t sound very exciting, but, hey! It can be fun if you want! I mean, you can make it any size, any color, and with the help of a sewing machine, it’s a snap. And that doesn’t rule out knitting, crochet, etc. (I made my own poncho once!)

Where there’s a will, there’s possibility. If you’re anything like I was, you probably get embarrassed about dressing modestly from time to time. Here’s a little something for you: There was this teenage girl that was going to the grocery store. She was wearing a long black and white polka-dot skirt that touched her toes and a simple red turtleneck. At the checkout counter, some lady wouldn’t stop staring at her. Just as she was leaving, the lady said “Hey wait! I wanted to tell you how pretty you’re dressed! My daughter absolutely refuses to wear anything other then jeans, mini skirts and tube tops. I just wanted to tell you that you must be a wonderful person. Keep it up. And you’re so pretty, by the way!” (True story.) She thought that the girl was a beautiful person because of the way she dressed! Now, isn’t wearing modest clothes worth it? And looking for affordable prices too?

Megan Walter is a teenager in Virginia. Homeschooled, she enjoys writing, reading and havin’ lots of fun.

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