Peace on Earth and at Home

by Jen

By Kristina Haws

It seems like all we hear about in the paper and on TV are wars and conflicts covering the earth. Many times the effect is restlessness and fear.

Now around Christmas time what we’re thinking about is joy and peace. But where does that peace that people crave so much come from? It comes from the home.

Ok, maybe you’re thinking that your home is anything but peaceful sometimes, especially if you have siblings. I have three little brothers and my parents are separated so sometimes it’s hard for me to get the connection that home = peace but there are some ways I have found to make my home a lot happier.

Sometimes when one of my brothers is upset about something I go talk to him and try to comfort him and understand his situation.

Many times if we’re bored I ask if they want to play a game or read stories.

I am definitely not always a model sister but I have found that as I try harder to look outside of myself, my home becomes a happier place.

So in this time of peace and goodwill toward men, try to spread a little love yourself.

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Anonymous March 25, 2006 at 8:34 pm

That is soooooooo true. That reminds me of the YW Genreal Broadcast Today!!!!!!!
good job!


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