Quick Tips: Finding Love Online

by Jen

By April Aragam

1. Be honest in your profile. Know what you want and state it clearly. Be honest about your height, weight, interests etc. Don’t state what you’d like to be, state what you are.

2. Include a photo. As much as we’d like to believe they don’t, looks do matter. People have their preferences and attractions. Make it a recent photo even if your favorite photo of yourself is from two years ago. And of course, don’t over Photoshop your photos; you want to give people as close a resemblance to yourself as possible.

3. When someone contacts you and they don’t have the same intentions (ie. they just want fun; you’re looking to settle down), don’t waste your time. Someone with completely different interests or someone who lives on the other side of the world is also probably not a good investment of your time.

4. You might be looking for love online, but don’t keep it there. E-mail a few times instead of for months before talking on the phone. Don’t wait months before meeting in person.

5. Always, always meet in a public place. No matter how much you like them or feel a strong connection, meeting in a public place is for your own safety. Let people know where you will be (complete with an address and phone number) and when you’re expecting to be back.

April Aragam is a freelance writer from Vancouver, B.C. She has written for such publications as Fellowscript, Listen, The Writer’s Ezine and Cross and Quill.

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Anonymous February 13, 2008 at 4:46 pm

I have an idea:] LDS girls aren’t suppoed 2 date till we’re 16. Can u post a few articles for us????????


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