by Jen

-Directed by: Brad Bird

-Brad Garrett, Patton Oswalt, Lou Romano

Ok, so before we get too far along into this, I have a confession to make. I hate rats. Mice, rats, even some forms of gerbils make me want to climb the walls. So, it took a lot to make your intrepid reviewer pony up to go see this film. Thankfully, it was worth the trip in another Disney/Pixar animated extravaganza. They’ve mastered the fine art of making movies that both kids and their parents will enjoy, and this one is no exception. (They’ve also mastered the fine art of marketing their films into the ground, but that’s another story.)

The story takes place in Paris and focuses on Remy, a rat who wants more than the garbage thrown out by humans. He wants fine cuisine! He wants truffles and good cheese and…well, you get the idea. However, among his family and friends, Remy is a bit weird. They can’t grasp the idea of a rat with taste buds, but that doesn’t stop our intrepid hero from going after what he wants. Of course, there’s also the small problem that rats and kitchens don’t exactly go together all that well.

Saying much more about the plot will pretty much kill it for you, but overall I think it was a good movie. My only real problem with it is that it tried to be something it’s not. This isn’t one of their more touching films, and in spots you almost wonder if it wants to be. That’s not to detract from the pure entertainment value this film brings to the table. (Pun intended.) It’s funny, a little snarky, and reminds us all that a dream really is worth going after. It’s just that sometimes you need to be a little creative to get it.

Rating: G (For gourmet of course)

Picture from Ratatouille courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri

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Kim Harris February 23, 2012 at 2:44 pm

I watched this one with my kids. We loved it!


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