Real Beauty

by Jen

This isn’t a movie review, or a profile on a celebrity. What it is, however, is a bit of reality among the Hollywood glamour and polish. Thanks to Dove you can see the transformation an “ordinary” looking woman undergoes to achieve that Hollywood perfection we all see every day. When you go to the Campaign for Real Beauty website, you can watch the film they produced to help dispel the myths that plague women and girls across this country and around the world. Striving to achieve Hollywood’s standard of beauty is often unreasonable, unhealthy and even dangerous. Millions of women and girls suffer from eating-disorders, poor self-esteem and body image issues. For the longest time, that included yours truly.

The Dove campaign hopes to change all that one girl at a time. Through their Real Beauty program, they hope to help women and girls find their own beauty and own their own uniqueness. I think it’s something we should all embrace in our own way. Being a woman is an amazing thing. You’re granted the opportunity to be a daughter, a friend, and even a wife and mother. I know you’ve heard it all before, but how you are on the inside matters much more than how you look on the inside. Some of the prettiest people I know are beautiful because they are 100% REAL. They might not be the thinnest, or the most fashionable, but they live their lives according to their beliefs and create the world they want to see.

I offer you a challenge as we end this year and look ahead. Be a real beauty. When you start on the inside and put your beliefs and your real self first, the outside will shine like the brightest star.

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri
indigojenn at earthlink dot net
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Anonymous December 1, 2006 at 6:56 am

I LOVE that video!!!


Jenn December 11, 2006 at 3:45 am

I thought it was fantastic, and wanted to share it so people could see that what’s inside is amazingly beautiful.


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