by Jen

-Directed by: Chris Wedge

Robots is not a new story. It’s several old stories given a brand new life and new voices by some very familiar people. It tells the tale of Rodney Copperbottom who is a young robot from the country with big dreams. He wants to be an inventor, and thanks to both his family’s support and the inspirational words from a tycoon named Big Weld he watches on TV, he sets out to make his dreams come true. Not a bad story really. What saves this film from being really corny is that it’s told with such wonderful animation and some really inspired choices for casting. You have Rodney who is voiced by the always entertaining Ewan MacGregor. You have Cappy who is beautiful and wise thanks to Halle Berry. Big Weld marks the animation debut for comic legend Mel Brooks, and finally there’s Robin Williams who is at the top of his admittedly insane game as Fender. Plus, you’ll hear a host of familiar voices which range from Paula Abdul to Jay Leno. These people make the robots really have hearts of their own, and give the movie more than just the standard animated sugar.

You want Rodney to succeed as he sets out on his quest to do something great. MacGregor gives Rodney a certain earnest charm that will remind you of someone you know and love. When he encounters strife, you are caught up in his search to find a solution. Heck, I even found myself quietly urging him to think it through. It’s a movie that allows dreamers a chance to do what they do best and the inner child in us a chance to come out and play. Of course, having Robin Williams certainly doesn’t hurt. While he’s done some fairly adult things in his career, he is a joy to behold in this movie. He’s clever, funny, and while some of the jokes are bad enough to make you groan it’s just too fun of a movie to care.

There is some very mild sexual humor in this along with moments of language but it’s so brief that you might likely miss it. It’s a wonderful choice for a family night movie, and it’s a rollicking ride for the whole family.

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri
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