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I love cropped cap sleeve tops and I recently got some from Halftee. They are so versatile! These tops are made to wear under your shirts to add sleeves and coverage to your outfit when you don't want the bulk of a full long-fitting shirt underneath. The shirt stops right under your bust. I love these because I can wear them with tank dresses to add sleeves without a shirt bunching around my waist. 

Half Tee has many different styles of these tops, including the longer sleeve "boyfriend" Half Tee shown above (I have one of those in black and it fits perfect!). They also have tanks, basic capsleeve ones and longer 3/4 sleeves (shown to the left). I got the basic capsleeve one in navy blue (it matches a cute sleeveless dress I have). They also sell sizes for little girls! They also have maternity! I know these would have been really helpful when I was shopping for maternity clothes. See the full line at

Plus here's a bonus from Jen Magazine: use the coupon code jenmag10% to get 10% off your Halftee order! -Jen


Get your fall palette ready in rich shades of mustard, honey, and dijon. Gold isn't just for leaves- it's this season's must-have color!

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Slouchy Tops- Be a Slouch!

Slouchy tops can be modest because of their loose fit, but often they have a really wide neckline that hangs off the shoulder. They don't always have to hang off the shoulder though. In fact we've seen a lot of them lately that don't! Here are some examples: More Forever 21…  

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Jen’s Modest Clothes Store

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Many people have asked me if Jen Clothing is owned by the same "Jen" of Jen Magazine. The answer is yes! I started Jen Clothing in 2008 after running Jen Magazine for several years. I wanted to do something more to help get modest clothing to the masses. I've always had a hard time finding […]

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Impel Clothing

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By Jen So I just noticed this company but I guess they've been around for a while now. They used to do the home party thing but now they're an online store and you can still get in on the party action by hosting an online party for your friends. Impel Clothing sells undershirts, layering tops, […]

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Are Your Clothes Really Modest?

Are Your Clothes Really Modest?

By Francesca Nishimoto We may think we are dressed modestly when really we aren’t, even if we are following all the written rules. Modesty is just as much about the spirit of the law as it is about the letter of the law. Here are some ways to check for accidental immodesty before heading out the […]

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Welcome to the new Jen Magazine!

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Hi I'm Jen. Welcome to the newly redesigned and republished! For those of you who wondered if Jen Magazine was dead, this new site has been a long time in the making. was originally published using Blogger, and about a year ago blogger stopped allowing people to publish their own websites using the Blogger platform . […]

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