Top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips

by Jen

By Carly Warburton

So you’ve found the perfect man, the perfect dress and the perfect location. But, have you thought about the perfect bridal makeup? If you decide to do your makeup yourself, there are a few tips to follow that will help the best day of your life be even better!

1. Flawless Skin

A proper skin care regimen is vital to healthy, glowing skin for the big day. Not only will cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing properly help you to look radiant on your wedding day, it will also create the perfect canvas for a smooth makeup application. Begin your regimen and follow diligently 8-12 weeks before your wedding day.

Do not have any intense skin treatments such as chemical peels or photo-facials 8 weeks prior to your wedding. This will give skin enough time to heal and to be in tip-top shape for your special day. If you decide to have a facial, get one 4 weeks prior to your wedding. Facials deeply cleanse the skin and sometimes bring out impurities. Finally, be sure to wear a sunscreen with a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 or higher to protect the skin from sun damage. A sunburn and/or peeling skin can definitely add more stress to an already stressful day.

2. Prime Time

Now that you have flawless skin, you are ready to begin your makeup. Start with a fresh, clean palette by making sure your face is completely clean and moisturized. Then apply a foundation primer that is silicone-based for a long-lasting, true finish. A primer also helps colors to stay put, giving you one less worry on your big day.

3. Choose Matte

Foundation is the most important part of the entire makeup application. A warm-toned, creamy-matte foundation will look soft, clean and natural in front of the camera and in front of your guests. The color of your foundation should match the skin exactly with no line from the jaw to the neck. Invest in a highly-pigmented foundation of good quality. Go to a department store makeup counter and have an associate match your foundation. Take a mirror outside to make sure it matches in natural light. Wear it for a day and see how it stands up.

Avoid mineral foundations, foundations with sunscreen or foundations with a high percentage of Titanium Dioxide. These products will reflect back at a flash from a camera making your skin look washed-out or as if you are wearing a mask in your wedding photos. Apply a concealer only where there are areas of darkness (such as under the eye) and blemishes. Blend, then set with a powder for long wear.

4. Powder Power

Following foundation, a soft application of powder will help eliminate shine – important to reduce reflecting back to the camera. Apply powder with a professional powder brush, not a puff or sponge as this applies way too much powder and can look unnatural. If you only have shine on the nose and forehead, only apply powder to those areas and leave the cheeks with that soft matte finish.

5. Blush is a Must

Bright daylight and the reflecting light from the camera will wash out any color making blush an essential element. Blush adds life to your complexion giving it that fresh appearance. Choose a color that will compliment your skin tone. For example, look at the inner part of your lip and match the color as closely as possible for a “just been pinched” look. Apply just to the apples of the cheek with a big fluffy brush and blend outward towards the temple. Powdered blush photographs best and has great staying power.

6. Defining Moment

The eyes are the focus of any conversation and more particularly, wedding photos. Create a natural, softly-lined eye by using a brown or dark brown powder and an angle brush. Gently press powder with brush into the lash line to create a thick, luscious lash line. A pencil may also be used, just be sure to smudge with your finger or a q-tip. Avoid harsh colors and thickly lined eyes. A little pro secret- apply white eyeliner to the inner rim of the eye to really open the eye and make it pop!

7. Neutral Ground

Avoid bright and trendy colors because they scream out in photos and are generally unflattering. Stay away from colors that are too dark as they appear harsh. Neutral colors are a great choice. Think brown, tan, and taupe. Plums and pinks can also be flattering as long as they are applied very softly. Never use frosted or glittery eye shadow because they are far too reflective for the camera. You may apply a little shimmer in strategic places like the inner corner of the eye.

8. Cry Baby

Waterproof mascara is a bride’s best friend! Begin by curling the eyelashes. Start at the root and carefully clamp down on the lashes as you gradually move up towards the end of the lashes. Apply two coats of mascara and comb through to avoid any clumps.

False eyelashes are perfectly acceptable for the occasion. You may want to practice applying them and wearing them months before your wedding! Individual lashes or bundles of lashes look more natural than full lash lines.

9. Brow Basics

If eyes are windows to the soul, than what does that make eyebrows… curtains? Eyebrows are the most expressive feature on the face. A properly defined brow corrects and frames the face beautifully. Because eyebrows seem to disappear in photographs, fill in and define them with a matte shadow a shade lighter than the darkest part of the hair. You don’t want brows to be overpowering; using a shadow creates a more natural look than an eyebrow pencil. If you decide to have your brows shaped by a professional, do it no later than 1 week before your wedding. Do not wax or tweeze right before your wedding.

10. Lip Lock

Your wedding day can be full of surprises, but one thing you can be sure about is that there will be a lot of kissing! You’ll need lip color that will last! Apply a lip liner similar to the color of your lips and fill in lips completely. Smudge up liner to avoid any harsh lines. Choose a lip color that is matte and in the same tonal family as your blush. Apply one layer of lipstick, blot with a tissue, and then apply another layer. You may add a hint of gloss to the center of your lower lip for that special effect.

Remember, the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself and the way you look. Makeup should enhance your beauty, not hide it. Choose a look that is timeless and classic.Relax- it’s your special day!

Carly Warburton is a Licensed Master Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist. She resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and 2-year old son.

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