Wondering How to Find Good Dance Music?

by Jen

by Camille Murri

Just look in places that you never thought to look before.

Music is used by cultures all around the world to convey emotion. When those emotions take you away from the Spirit and from spiritual growth, then that’s when things get sticky. I love all kinds of music. However, sometimes the songs I listen to don’t make me feel like a Daughter of God, instead more like a slave to the whims of men. While I do enjoy busting a move to Lil’ Wayne or Justin Timberlake, that kind of music is not what people with high standards should be listening to all the time.

My particular brand of music is music that most people wouldn’t think of listening to but can be the funnest of them all, for example, the songs that were written for the Be Thou an Example youth conference. Those were so fun and I love to listen to them all the time. They are especially fun if you liked High School Musical. I thought that the Example conference was like a Mormon HSM. But that’s just me. Other songs I have found by the wayside that most people don’t really know are Scripture Mastery songs! Before you judge me and think I am just some seminary Mormon freak, hear me out. I really like music that I can sing to and make up dance moves for. I just find that the SM songs are so fun and even I was surprised at how much I like them. I have all four years of SM songs on my MP3 player and all kinds of other songs like that.

If Scripture Mastery or Mormon HSM is not your flavor, just look in places that you never thought to look before. That is the way to find stuff that you lost: looking in places you never thought to look in.

Camille Murri is a high school senior. She spends most of her time doing homework and listening to music.

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Ryan Riley April 10, 2012 at 5:21 pm

As I was going over the For the Strength of Youth program with my son, Brayden (Age 13), we read the part about music and what should be appropriate for dances or just listening to.  We talked about what type of music might be good and wondered if there was a list of songs that others might suggest would be in line with the same standards.  After performing a number of searches on the Internet, we came to the conclusion that we were on our own. 
A few days later I woke with the idea of create a new website that would allow people to share songs that they thought would be appropriate and follow the standards of For the Strength of Youth program.  After a few days of pulling our ideas together and some long hours of development we would like to introduce you to <a href="http://www.ldsmusiccharts.com">LDSMusicCharts.com</a&gt;
LDS Music Charts is an online resource to help identify popular music that is in line with the standards found in the For the Strength of Youth program.  The ultimate goal for this is site to be a resource for youth committees to be able to suggest songs played at Stake Dances and for leaders to feel confident that the songs that are being played are appropriate.  Used correctly and leaders can tell both youth and dance DJs that they can only play songs that are found on LDS Music Charts.  
The site is divided up into three main categories: Hot 200 (songs you might hear on the radio), Dance 500 (the perfect playlist for any stake dance) and LDS 100 (a list of LDS Artist that are in but not of).  Every song is also added to its genre so that you can see all Country or All Pop songs on the list.
Everyone can view the any of the list on the site, but if you sign into the site using your Facebook or Twitter account you can do the following:
Suggest Songs
Review Suggested Songs (the system doesn't let you review your own suggestion)
Listen to a full length stream of the song (you cannot download any music from  the site)
Read the lyrics a song
Vote of if you like or don't like a song (the system ranks songs based on likes and don't likes)
Add songs to your own favorites list
View your LDS Music Profile
View recent logins and their LDS Music Profile
View are Blacklist (songs that have been suggested but might not be in line with the For the Strength of Youth program)
Flag a song that might not be appropriate or just needs its settings updated
Although everyone can help to make sure the music on the site is appropriate, we do have a select group of individuals who regularly monitor the site and review songs that have been suggested or approved to make sure they are up to par.
I also want to point out that we are not trying to make any money on this site.  We are just trying to create a resource that will help identify good music that our youth can listen to.  Music that is both popular and in line with the standards we are asking them to live.   I really hope you will see the value in our site and would like to chat with you about it and see if you have any questions or suggestions.   
You can find the site located at: <a href="http://www.ldsmusiccharts.com">http://www.ldsmusiccharts.com</a&gt;
Thanks for your time,
Ryan Riley


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