Anxiously Engaged

by Jen

-Directed by: Tyler Ford

-Jaelan Petrie, Sophie Shaw, Katie Foster-Barnes

Guess what you get when LDS filmmakers go overseas? Go on, guess. I dare you. The answer is a really engaging and sweet romantic comedy called ‘Anxiously Engaged: A Piccadilly Romance’. When I was sent a copy of this film, I’ll admit I was a little less than anxiously engaged about the whole thing. I’m a big fan of romantic comedies, so I held some admittedly high standards. What surprised me about this film though was that it did deliver in all the ways that counted.

In the style of Julia Roberts’ Notting Hill, this is a film where England’s gorgeous scenery is a character along with the actual people in the film. Those people who, by the way, have credentials from some of the finest acting schools in the world are clever, charming and altogether likable as they tell the story of a young man looking for love while arranging it for the older sister of the girl of his dreams. Whoever said love was simple?

Jaelan Petrie, who plays returned missionary Carson Wells, is a engaging leading man. You feel a certain connection to him that helps carry the story. His partner in the fun is Katie Foster-Barnes who reminded me a lot of Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan. She’s the girl you want to get the happy ending, and there was a believable chemistry between Foster-Barnes’ Lucy and Petrie’s Carson. It made for a couple that sparkled in a story that had a life of its own.

Overall, I’d recommend this movie highly as a fun way to enjoy a romantic comedy that brings you the smile and the heart tugging romance you want. Get anxiously engaged, and fall in love at the same time.

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri
indigojenn at earthlink dot net
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Anonymous December 27, 2010 at 10:18 am

It was painful to watch.


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