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By Sarah Williams

My tall thick heels clicked on the hall floor of Junior High School as my brown curly hair bounced up and down with each step. I looked older, almost an adult, with my fitted suit dress and FBI badge pinned to my outside breast pocket. To add to my character as an FBI Agent for the Halloween Dress Up Day, I pulled out my fake flip phone to “answer” an important call from HQ.

Flashback to three years previous and my hair wasn’t down with attractive curls but pulled back into a wispy ponytail. I wore big dorky glasses that were not stylish, but I was a carefree school girl who was raised in a household of boys with no sisters and a mom who didn’t follow fashion trends.

Everything changed when I hit Junior High School. It was the first time I discovered the diffuser to help accentuate my curly hair. It was the first time I began wearing perfume. 7th grade was my red-carpet entrance to fashion.

Throughout the years, fashion has evolved. Trends come and go. Personalities change. People change. Junior High sparked my first fashion frenzy and how I could make my body, my looks and fashion fit for me.

Flash forward 20 years and I am still doing that. I am a fashion trend follower, but I also twist that trend to reflect my personality and how I want to appear to others. I like to accentuate my bold fashion finds, whether they are big earrings, a dress, a hairstyle, heels or makeup. I might have been the wallflower in grade school, but over the years I have slowly stepped away from the wall. And the result has been well received. People notice my fashion finds and I like to stand out and be unique.

Everyone is different. There isn’t just one style of fashion that fits everyone’s personality. That’s why there are stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hot Topic and Express. You can be a fashionable whether you are athletic, musical, a cheerleader, in the drama club etc. The question is, what fashion styles should you wear to fit your personality?

Ask yourself these questions:
1. What is your favorite active activity?
2. What kind of music do you listen to?
3. What celebrities (old or new) do you admire?

If you like active sports, pop music and love singers like Pink you would probably be drawn into stores with graphic tees, sandals, and ripped jeans. If you like less active sports, classical music and are drawn to older celebrities like Beethoven and Jane Austen, you would be drawn into stores with flowing skirts, comfortable flats, and cardigans.

My answers:
1. Leisure bike rides, walking, tennis
2. Norah Jones, Broadway, Big Band Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald
3. Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton

I almost always wear a dress or a skirt with flats or heels. I wear big statement jewelry, do different dramatic hairstyles and my nails are always painted. These questions can help you decide what’s important to you and how you want to portray yourself through fashion.

People have said that I am “classy” and “vintage.” I want people to look at how I present myself and see confidence, poise and happiness with who I am. You should do the same. Find what you love and incorporate it into your style. You will be amazed at what you find. Don’t be a flop, but your own style of fashionista.

Sarah Williams is a fashionista by day and a writer by night. She is currently writing two books, lifestyle articles and blogging about her favorite passions: fashion, travel, events and home design. She is a mom to three boys who keep her busy and bring balance to her “girly” personality. When she has a few moments to spare, you will find her designing her dream home or planning a vacation getaway with her husband.


If you've got a heartbeat and a smartphone, you've probably heard that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, of TLC's 19 Kids & Counting, tied the knot on November 1st! Jessa made headlines with some of her unique choices for the wedding, including an ice cream sundae bar instead of the traditional cake, and her own stunning-yet-modest wedding gown. We were particularly thrilled with her choice of modest bridesmaid dresses…the Ellie dress in Coral from our very own JenClothing


Jessa's eleven bridesmaids ALL looked stunning in this simple, darling dress. The coral color is bright and cheery, and the super-soft jersey knit fabric is oh-so-comfortable! Jessa's sister Jill even rocked the Ellie with her baby bump!

We love this new trend of choosing simple dresses with fun, flirty details for your bridesmaids to wear for the wedding! Then instead of being banished to the back of a closet with a host of other puffy, over-the-top gowns, your girlfriends get to wear their bridesmaid dress from YOUR big day over & over again. These kinds of dresses work great for a day of shopping, attending church or even a night out on the town! Check out the great selection of modest bridesmaid dresses available now at


We want to wish Jessa and Ben the very best as they embark on the adventure known as married life. And we applaud Jessa for her strong faith and her commitment to modesty not only for herself, but her entire bridal party! She is proof that modest IS fashionable and beautiful, and can even be done on a budget.

duggar wedding 2To see all the photos from Jessa & Ben's big day, head on over to and click through the album of exclusive shots! Leave us a comment to let us know what you think about the new trends in bridesmaid dresses too.

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