Eyebrow Shaping

Did you know that well-shaped eyebrows can do more for your face than almost any cosmetic? I’ve known that, but sometimes I have a hard time knowing what to do with mine. I just found this book called Beautiful Brows: The Ultimate Guide to Styling, Shaping, and Maintaining Your Eyebrows. Here’s what it says: How […]

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Before the Clock Chimes

By Megan Elliott Cinderella you’ve heard of millions of times, But my story’s forgotten before the clock chimes Well you would do well my little friend To remember my story right to the end So close your eyes, forget about sight, And I’ll take you back to that magical night. As I happily readied myself […]

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Do You Want to be Sexy?

Do You Want to be Sexy? A great article from Christian girls magazine Brio.Click Here to Read

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