Individuality is “In” this Spring

by Jen

By Sheralyn Pratt

If you’re poking around for the latest trends, you’ll discover something quite unusual.

Right now most of the “in” looks were created not by designers, but by people just wearing what feels right to them. And the current media fashion darling who graces the Spring 2009 Spring fashion issue of Vogue would be none other than our First Lady, Michelle Obama.

So in addition to individuality, modesty is in because Michelle Obama likes to dress modestly.

Following her cue, I will bet that fashion magazines will shoot for classy and elegant this year. Knee-length skirts, floor-length formals and narrow-heeled shoes will be all the rage.

Why? Because that’s what Michelle Obama feels comfortable in and, like Jackie Kennedy before her, she makes her style look good enough to shape the fashion industry as a whole.

But unless you’re a woman in your 40’s, you don’t want to copy the First Lady’s style outright. Michelle Obama is her own individual, and so should you be!

A quick look around shows cases of individual style triumphing everywhere. Whitney Port wore her own crocheted flower head wrap on the reality TV show “The City” and suddenly everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon, including the cast of Gossip Girl. Suddenly it’s cool to crochet!

Beyonce’s titanium robot glove is probably not going to catch on any time soon, but it is still her concept and design, and I can promise she doesn’t care whether you like it or not.

As much as the experts and magazines want you to defer your fashion choices to them, this year is the year to dig deep down within yourself and find the look that fits you so well that others walking by will want to copy it.

There are a few ground rules, however:
Frumpy, grunge and ill-fitting are definitely not in. As a rule those things are never in and make even billionaires look like they’re homeless, but this next year, with the First Lady as our spring mentor, what you can look forward to being in is:

  • Modesty— no plunging necklines or hiked up skirts
  • Strength— Spring Vogue cover shows a fully-covered Michelle, baring only her solid deltoids
  • Tailored— complimenting fabrics of varying textures

Accenting Michelle Obama’s classy, third-wave feminist fashion canvas is the national recession we find ourselves in. This means happy colors are in. Blacks, browns and muted hues are not the way to go. People are looking for sunshine and happy news, so happy colors are going to be the rage. (Look at Glamour Magazine’s Top 10 Best Dresses at the 2009 Golden Globes. Happy colors, all! And notice the lengths of the dresses.)

Also, the economy means that homemade/recycled looks are going to have new charm—like Whitney Port’s crocheted head wrap.

Modest, happy and handmade are in! So consult your inner fashion diva, because this is the season for you to start a trend!

Sheralyn is an author who lives in Park City, Utah where she freelance writes between writing novels. She is currently working on her 5th novel.

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Anonymous May 9, 2009 at 11:21 pm

It’s too bad the author’s gushing obsession with Michelle Obama left her article sounding drippy and pathetic. It was more of a tribute to Michelle Obama than a fashion guide. Since when does anyone care what the first lady wears? And why would anyone follow her fashion example? Pathetic comparision, rediculous article. Next time please keep your nauseating political ideas to yourself and let someone else write about the new spring fashion.


Anonymous May 24, 2009 at 8:26 am

Everyone has an opinion, but I wonder if “anonymous” should be so vocal and downright rude. I don’t really like Michelle Obama, but it is the writer’s choice and opinion.


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