Meet The Robinsons

by Jen

-Directed by: Stephen Anderson

-Angela Bassett, Laurie Metcalf, Tom Selleck

One of the things that Disney animated films have gotten right more often than not is that their films will be fun for adults and kids alike. When I first saw the trailers for this film, I was willing to write this off as being a bit boring. It seemed like something for much younger kids, and just lame to boot. I was wrong. While this isn’t a perfect film, it is a lot of fun and worth your time as we get into the swing of the summer movie season.

It tells the story of Lewis, an orphan who has been rejected more times than he’d probably like to remember. He’s a smart kid who can dream up inventions that can make life easier for the rest of us. The problem is, all his smarts make him feel like an outsider and he wonders if he’ll ever find a place to call home. When he meets Wilbur Robinson at a school science fair, Lewis is taken completely outside of his normal element and carried on some pretty unique adventures.

It’s a pretty standard cartoon story. It’s even a little like ‘Cars’ in the sense that it has someone who just wants to find where they belong. I don’t mind the story really. I think in a lot of ways we all are searching for the same thing. The problem though is this story didn’t seem all that smooth to me. It sort of clunks along in places and could use a tune up. I didn’t feel overwhelmingly satisfied when the story ended and maybe they could have wrapped it up better. The characters were a little flat as well. They seemed like someone reached into the “standard characters” bag and put together a group that were ok, just not memorable.

Visually though, this movie is amazing. In true Disney standard, you’ll be amazed at the clarity of the animation and their great use of color. It’s no secret as to why the House of Mouse is leading the way when it comes to achievements in animation and the technology behind it.

This is a fun movie though and I do recommend it. While it has it’s clunking moments, you and your friends will have a lot of fun. Also, be sure to check out the soundtrack which features music by Rob Thomas and The All American Rejects and you can find at or on iTunes.

(Picture courtesy Yahoo! movies.)

-Jenn Untch
Liberty, Missouri
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Anonymous April 21, 2007 at 9:17 pm

I liked this movie because 1) I was with my friends and we were in a crazy mood 2) alot of disney or cartoon movies have divorced parents and kind of encourage that but this one encourages family and unity.


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