Modest Shorts that Look Good

by Jen

By Jennifer Loch

Now that the weather’s getting warm, it’s time to start looking for shorts. Modest shorts are one of the hardest things to find. Here at *Jen* Magazine we look for modest shorts every spring to add to our “Fashion Finds” but it is hard to find cute shorts that are both long and not too tight or low on the hips.

We’ve never linked to the clothing company KneeShorts on this site because *Jen* Magazine is mainly for younger people… and when we thought of KneeShorts we imagined old-lady shorts and stuff we would never wear. But when I visited their store the other day I was surprised to see they sell styles for young people that I really like, in fact there are several I want to buy.

Do you ever find shorts that you really like but you wish they were a little longer or a little higher on the waist? Well that’s how the KneeShorts people come up with their products. I talked to the owner and he told me they start with a popular style and create almost the same shorts except for one or two changes to make them modest. They have their clothing manufactured to their specifications, which means KneeShorts is the only place where you can get these items.

KneeShorts has four different styles of board shorts in a variety of colors. All of the board shorts can be worn alone as shorts or over a swimsuit. They’re made from a quick-drying fabric that you can swim in. I got a pair and they’re soft and comfortable.

Their newest board shorts are these plaid ones (see right) that look like skater shorts. These come in light brown or dark brown and have a flower embroidered on them.

The KneeShorts prices are great. Most of the shorts I saw were $20 and they have swimsuits for $40. I don’t think they over-price their products like some modest brands do.

Besides board shorts they have several styles of cargo shorts and zip-off pants that turn into shorts.

KneeShorts just came out with their first swimsuit. It features a long racer-back tank top and a swim-short bottom with a built-in panty. Forgive me for being blunt, but if I don’t say this maybe no one will… so I have to say I think if you have to shave “down there” in order to wear a swimsuit them that swimsuit is probably not modest on the bottom. Every time I wear a swimsuit I bought from a regular (non-modesty centered) store I keep thinking “This swimsuit must have been designed by a man or designed just for looks because it doesn’t fit right, and it’s not comfortable to wear.” When I’m swimming I want to have fun and get exercise. I don’t want to have to pull and tug on my swimsuit every 30 seconds to keep myself covered. So I like swim shorts because they make me feel like a kid again- having fun in a swimsuit without worrying about how I look. Then I think “What about getting a tan? Don’t I want to take off my shorts to get a better tan?” But I realize “Why do I care about getting a tan in places I’m not going to show?”

If you find yourself lacking cute modest shorts this year check into KneeShorts. They have several retail locations and you can also shop online at

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Anonymous May 24, 2007 at 3:13 pm

For the last year or two I haven’t bothered wearing shorts simply because I can’t find any. But I’ve been looking at this KneeShorts site and their shorts are very cute! For the first time in a couple years I’m buying shorts, especially ones that are modest and in style even for teenagers!


Anonymous February 2, 2008 at 5:55 pm

I don’t live in the USA and here it is extremely difficult to find modest shorts, swimsuits, and especially dresses, as well as shirts and other accessories. I looked at this website and none of their clothes look very cute to me. Maybe the ones in the stores are cuter, but the pictures of the clothes make them seem not so feminine or cute


Anonymous April 16, 2008 at 3:16 pm

Way cute, it is about time modest is seen as style and not just a cover-up!


Bob smith April 20, 2013 at 5:05 am

Those are really ugly!


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