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By Francesca Nishimoto

We may think we are dressed modestly when really we aren’t, even if we are following all the written rules.

Modesty is just as much about the spirit of the law as it is about the letter of the law.

Here are some ways to check for accidental immodesty before heading out the door.

  1. Sneaky Skin: You may not realize areas of skin that are showing because you cannot see them. Stand in front of a mirror and bend over in all directions. Check for skin showing on your backside, tummy, and chest. If you can see down your shirt, so can anyone else taller than you.
  2. Tight Clothing: Modesty not only means covering skin, but also covering curves. Men are just as interested in tight clothing that shows off every line of your body as they are in clothes that reveal those curvaceous body parts. Your clothes are too tight if you can’t pinch them, move around comfortably in them, or put them on easily.
  3. Glamour: Flashy, big, and too much jewelry; heavy, unnatural makeup; and incredible heel height make you look more like a woman of the world than a woman of the Lord. Modesty means not drawing attention to ourselves, obsessing over fashion and makeovers, or focusing on the “vain imaginations” of the world.1 The word modesty is related to the word moderate.2 Sister Tanner said, “A loving Heavenly Father has given us physical beauties and pleasures ‘both to please the eye and to gladden the heart’ (D&C 59:18), but with this caution: that they are ‘made to be used, with judgment, not to excess, neither by extortion’ (D&C 59:20).”3
  4. Underwear: Does the inside of your underwear drawer look like an adult-store catalog? The purpose of underwear is to cover and protect your private areas, not show them off. Wearing modest underwear, whether or not anyone else sees it, shows reverence for your sexual body parts and prepares you for all-covering garments. And make sure your underwear doesn’t peek outside your pants, especially when you bend or sit down.
  5. Church/Temple: You can be modest but still be inappropriately dressed for church or the temple. It won’t hurt to ditch the casual wear for three hours. Don’t overdo it either—church is not a fashion show. Wear clothing that makes you look your best while still helping you and others be reverent and focus on the Savior.

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Francesca Nishimoto, mother of a cute baby boy, lives in Mesa, AZ, where her husband is finishing school. She graduated from BYU with a B.A in English Language and a minor in editing. She enjoys writing children's stories and blogging.


By Jen

Now what? What's next for me? After graduating from high school and as a young adult you face so many choices. It can be hard to figure out what's right for you.

The academic world would have you strive for a degree that will lead to a fulfilling, well-paying full-time career. Our religious world stresses getting married and becoming a stay-at-home mom. In an ideal world you might see yourself becoming rich, famous or both. The "real" world may force you to get a job right away and think more realistically about your goals.

What about your dreams? What will your future be? Will you serve a full-time mission? Have a family? A career? Especially at this time in your life, the Lord's help is crucial in the decision making process.

That's why I'm so excited to tell you about a book I just read. It's called Where Do I Go from Here?: Finding Your Personal Mission as a Young Adult Woman. Brigham Young once said “There is neither man nor woman in this church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live.” Yes, you have a personal mission! You were put in your place in life to do things only you can do. Now is the time to figure out what that mission is so it can be your guide map as you begin making the decisions that will shape your life.

Your potential is much more than you can imagine, and Heavenly Father wants you to realize that potential. What you envision as your most perfect, fun and happy future is based upon a limited earthly view. If you could see your true potential, what will be your future if you let the Lord guide you, it would probably dwarf your current hopes and dreams. Where Do I Go from Here? is an awesome, inspiring book written just for LDS young adult women. It leads you down a path of personal discovery to help you figure out what your mission is. Taking into consideration your gifts, talents and unique interests, you'll determine how you, personally, can make a difference in the world.